What are current SAG rates?

What are current SAG rates?

SAG actors are paid weekly for their time: $4,520 per week for appearing in every episode, $5,042 per week for appearing in more than half, and $5,897 per week for appearing in half.

How much does a SAG regional commercial pay?

SAG Commercial Scale (Social Media Use minimum): 30-day cycle $106.80 On-Camera | $80.31 Off-Camera. Youtube Use $106.80 On-Camera | $80.31 Off-Camera.

What is SAG weekly rate?


Budget Range: $250k – $700k SAG Day Rate: $630 / Day SAG Weekly Scale: $2,190 / Week Topsheet is a SAG-AFTRA approved payroll company that offers a touchless solution that fits within the parameters of the COVID Safe Set Guidelines.

Can a SAG actor work for free?

You can’t waive the pay, even if the actor is your friend and really wants to do you a favor and work completely for free, NSA, BFF. If you’re working as a SAG signatory, you have to agree to play by their rules. Actors do not have to agree to defer their pay. It’s a negotiation.

How much are residuals on a SAG commercial?

Currently, residuals on television broadcasts of movies are 3.6 percent; video and DVD is 4.5 percent on the first million dollars of gross receipts and 5.4 percent thereafter. If the movie’s producer is also the distributor, then residuals are calculated based on a percentage of the wholesale price paid for the movie.

What is SAG demo rate?

Two guides to help with your Union quote!

PSA (w-SAG waiver) 1-Year Use Rate $236.00
Non-Air Demo Fee $236.00
13-Week “PRGM Class A/Network” (each airing) Use Rate
1st Use $472.00
2nd Use $112.65

How long is a SAG work day?

As you budget SAG payroll, it’s important to note that the minimum daily rate applies to standard 8-hour work days, or 10-hour work days for most weekly players. (Check here for current SAG minimum rates.)

What happens if a SAG actor works non union?

It can be tempting to say yes to any work that’s offered to you, even if it’s nonunion. The consequences, however, come at a high price. Working nonunion jobs, also known as working “off the card,” can lead to fines, suspension, and even expulsion from SAG-AFTRA.

How many hours can a SAG actor work?

How long do SAG residuals last?

Residuals Due:
30 days after producer finds out about the 1st telecast, and never longer than 6 months after the telecast, regardless of when the producer finds out. Quarterly if revenue is received. Four months after 1st exhibition + quarterly if revenue is received.

How much do TV residuals pay?

“If you’re doing a show and you’re not an executive producer and own it, then you get residuals which can amount to checks from $2 to $2,000.”

How much does a 1 minute voice over cost?

Voiceover Categories

:30 & :60 $150 – $200 per spot
:15, :10, :16 $75 – $100 per spot
In-Show / Documentary Narration Rate Range
30 Min Program $500 – $1,000
1 Hour Program $1,500 – $3,000

Do SAG actors get overtime?

SAG overtime and double overtime
The overtime rate for your SAG-AFTRA cast members will be 1.5 times their straight time rate, with straight time being calculated as the performer’s contracted rate divided by 8.

Is it better to be union or nonunion actor?

Typically, bigger productions are nearly all union productions. Actors typically prefer union acting jobs because they offer higher pay than non-union jobs. Also, there are guaranteed break times, warm meals, better trailers and facilities, and production insurance production.

How much is SAG meal penalty?

SAG meal penalties
The performer must now be paid liquidated damages for the first half-hour of delay, with an additional penalty for each quarter hour past that. Meal penalties begin at $25.00 per occurrence, but penalties can be higher depending on the project’s budget size and the number of consecutive infractions.

Are SAG residuals taxed?

Reporting Residual Income
Residual or passive income is taxed in the same way as earned income. The amount you pay is based on your adjusted gross income and federal tax bracket, in addition to your bracket for state and local taxes, if they apply.

Do actors get residuals forever?

Actors (other than background actors) get paid again when a performance is rerun. In TV’s past, those payments ended after a certain number of replays; now they can go on forever — making those “Law & Order” reruns an annuity for the actors.

How often are SAG residuals paid?

30 Days after 1st broadcast + quarterly if revenue is received. Four months after 1st broadcast + quarterly if revenue is received. Four months after 1st broadcast + quarterly if revenue is received.

Do actors get residuals after death?

Residual Compensation.
In 1977, the Guild negotiated for the member’s right to receive residual compensation in perpetuity. As a result, even after your death, you will continue to receive residual compensation if your material is reused.

What is a good voice-over rate?

Voiceover words per minute, or wpm, rates are usually around 75 wpm. This is just enough to pack in a lot of information without running the risk that your content will become hard to follow. Although you can usually exceed or undershoot this standard, it’s best not to deviate too much.

How much is a 30 second voice-over?


Up to 15 seconds (0-40 words) $60
Up to 30 seconds (41-85 words) $80
Up to 1 minute (86-150 words) $115
Up to 2 minutes (151-300 words) $175
Up to 5 minutes (301-750 words) $225

Can you get kicked out of SAG-AFTRA?

Moreover, if after your application has been granted the Union discovers such misconduct on your part, you may find yourself subject to disciplinary proceedings, which could result in your being fined, suspended and/or expelled from SAG-AFTRA.

Can a union actor work for free?

If your goal is to cast name actors, you need to budget for that because unless Joe Pesci is your uncle, they won’t work for free. If you could care less about names and just want to make your arty film, don’t limit the casting to union actors. If a union actor auditions for a non-union film, he can still be cast.

What is the minimum payment to a SAG-AFTRA member per an 8 hour day *?

Agency fees
The minimum in taxable, pensionable wages for an 8-hour day is then $226.60.

Do agents get 10% of residuals?

Residuals are subject to the 10 percent commission only if they are “over scale.” Therefore, minor amounts will not result in fees to agents. When the residuals are subject to agent fees, the commission is paid to the agent who obtained the work, not the agent at the time of the payment.