The term brainstorming in essay writing

Any written work consists of 3 stages: preparation for the letter, draft, check. So, when you are offered a topic to write an essay on, you may have difficulty in terms of what to write about, where to get ideas to develop the topic. There are a number of technologies that allow you to generate thoughts and ideas:

  • logging;
  • brainstorming;
  • free writing;
  • special questions;

In this article we will talk about only one technology – brainstorming.

What is the term brainstorming?

This method was created in 1941 by Alex Osborne. He worked for the American advertising Agency BBD&O. The basis of the method is to quickly solve problems and stimulates the creative activity of people taking part in it and offering the maximum number of possible solutions. After all options are sounded, the most suitable for the solution of this or that only of a problem are chosen.

The term “brainstorming” has a foreign origin, but in the era of globalization and unification of concepts, it has taken root in many countries. Search for ideas (this is how to understand the meaning of this term) are engaged in all, many without even knowing that so, “scientifically”, called their kind of activity when they just solve their everyday problems, for example, what to buy for lunch or dinner, where to go in the evening with friends or how to spend a vacation. Employees of institutions, firms, enterprises are looking for solutions on a daily basis. Isn’t that a search for ideas? When holding a meeting or a meeting, the head of the company tries to organize the process so that all the participants participate in the search for effective solutions, reserving the right to make a final decision.

What is the method of brainstorming?

The method of searching for ideas is called storming, because such mental activity requires spontaneity, quick thinking when choosing ideas, on the basis of which the correct conclusions will be made and effective decisions will be made in the future. To prove the relevance of the method of brainstorming, consider one of the options for its use.

Maybe not everyone knows that the use of brainstorming techniques is particularly effective in the learning process, in particular in the exam, when it is necessary to use memory, make it remember from long-term memory only what is required at the moment to solve certain problems.

The use of brainstorming in essay writing

The first thing to remember before applying the method of storming ideas in the process of working on the essay is that to reveal the topic it is necessary to develop the main thesis, which in its essence is the criterion for evaluating what has been written. The main thesis is by no means the topic of the essay, but what you want to say on this topic. This should not be forgotten throughout the work, since there is a “danger” that your main thesis will be too broad (and you will get confused in your arguments, start “pouring water”) or, conversely, the main thesis may be too narrow (and then the topic will remain unsolved).

So, to prevent this from happening, the method of brainstorming comes to the rescue. It should not be neglected, because as soon as it helps to build the right thoughts, organize and structure your statement, which requires brevity, accuracy and clarity. After receiving a task to write an essay on a specific topic, the candidate, first of all, resorts to the method of brainstorming. He remembers that in order to develop a reasoned, clearly formulated the main thesis of the essay, it is necessary to select only those ideas that will help him to reveal the topic. Having finished the “brainstorming”, while telling yourself “stop”, you look at the written and select only those ideas that are interesting to you and that you are able to develop and bring to a logical end. Therefore, if you are not writing the essay yourself, then use the best paper writing service.

The method of brainstorming is a two-stage procedure for solving the problem: at the first stage ideas are generated, and at the second stage they are analyzed and developed. Among the interactive methods of learning brainstorming is not only one of the most common, but also the most effective way to get feedback from the target audience.