Is VIT good for computer Engineering?

Is VIT good for computer Engineering?

Yes, VIT Vellore is pretty good for CSE. The placements at VIT Vellore for the Computer Science Engineering branch are good and above average.

Is CSE available in VIT Vellore?

in Computer Science and Engineering at VIT Vellore: Placements, Fees, Admission & Eligibility….VITEEE 2022 registrations Dec 2, 2021 – Jun 15, 2022 View all dates.

Duration 4 years (Full Time)
Total Fees INR 7.83 Lakh
Ranking Rank #1 by Outlook 2020+3 more

Is ECM in VIT Chennai good?

Average Package at VIT Vellore for ECM varies from 3-7 lakhs depending on how good you are. Placement record is somewhat good only. There are a lot of companies coming to recruit students in electrical branch and overall also. The placement record of VIT has been really good in the recent years.

Which branch of CSE is best in VIT Vellore?

The best branch for Bachelor of Technology degree in Vellore Institute of Technology is none other than Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science and Engineering is followed by Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

What is the highest package of VIT?

The average package offered as of now during VIT Vellore placements 2022 stood at INR 8.19 LPA….VIT Vellore Placements 2022: Highlights.

Particulars Statistics (2022)
No. of students placed 7,462
No. of super dream offers 2,562
No. of dream offers 2,907
Highest package INR 75 LPA

What is the fees for CSE in VIT?

B.Sc. ( Computer Science)

Tuition Fee (Per Annum) INR 55,000
Caution Deposit (Refundable) (One time payment) INR 2,000
Total fees to be paid for the first year INR 57,000

Is ECM a good branch?

ECM electronics and computer engineering is an excellent branch. You will be having good chances in ms and also you will recruiting easily by the companies visit that college. Also,there will be a lot of encouragement from faculty and this collge offers best faculty.

Which is better VIT or SRM?

SRM is ranked 36 among universities under the MHRD NIRF ranking, and VIT is ranked top 18.

Is VIT Chennai costly?

VIT EEE structure-Normal tuition fees or the 1st category fees for Group A is 1.76 lakh per annum and for Group B it is 1.98 lakh per annum. Tuition fees varies with rank at VIT and nobody can predict the exact category of tuition fees for your desired branch unless counseling is conducted.

Which is better CSE or ECM?

If you love Math and applied math in real life applications, CSE is the way to go. Have a fancy for robotics and embedded systems. Go for ECM. Either ways, both of them will have a similar course curriculum, with maybe a few exceptions.

Is ECM better than ECE?

CSE is easier as compared to ECE. Chose ECE only if you are interested in it. Hi, Since ECM involves both and is a cross breed of ECE and CSE you can take up your jobs in both the fields and different companies with good packages.

Does VIT provide laptop?

No, they will not give laptop at admissions process. It must be purchased by your own, but if you require a concession or any sort of loan in such circumstances, they would gladly assist you.

Is MIT better than VIT?

Comparably MIT Manipal is better. The admission procedure at MIT is transparent….Comments.

Categories VIT MIT Manipal
Placement Percentage 80-90% 80%
Highest CTC 15-22 LPA 15-24 LPA
Average CTC 5-6 LPA 4.5 LPA

Is MIT Chennai better than VIT?

HOWEVER, MIT’s population is lower than that of VIT in CSE branch, so there is less competition, hence quality wise MIT will be better. In VIT, only 5% CSE students get what they want (company and package wise).