Is there a Care Bear video game?

Is there a Care Bear video game?

Care Bears & Amigos in NYC is an educational game for Android and iOS mobile phones released in North America in July 2017. It was developed and published by Bilingual Children’s Enterprises and is designed to teach Spanish to preschoolers through a combination of videos, storybooks, and minigames.

What is Care Bear game?

Carebear is a slang term that is used to refer to a video gamer who avoids violence and competition, or a video came that has very few violent elements. In the context of game design, a carebear is usually aimed at a younger audience.

Which Care Bear is sad?

Grumpy Bear is the main character in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. Similar to his previous incarnations, Grumpy is a grouchy worrywart, as well as the team mechanic.

Is Funshine Care Bear a girl?

Funshine Bear makes their animated debut in the very first Care Bears 1983 television special. Here, as seen throughout the remainder of the original series, they are depicted as female.

What is the rarest Care Bear?

Out of all the Care Bear Cousins, Nobleheart the horse is the rarest and most prized amongst collectors, and can fetch on average between $800 and $1,200.

What Care Bears are coming out in 2022?

Dream Bright Bear

Dream Bright Bear is a Care Bear who was created as a plush by Basic Fun! in 2022 to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary.

Is there a white Care Bear?

One of the Care Bear Cousins, Proud Heart Cat, was released as a bear with white fur that sported the tummy symbol of a heart-shaped American flag.

What gender is Bedtime Bear?

First ten

Name Colour Gender
Bedtime Bear Aqua blue Male
Birthday Bear Golden yellow Male
Cheer Bear Carnation pink Female
Friend Bear Peach/Yellow orange Female (1980’s-2018) Male (2020-present)

Which is the newest Care Bear?

Togetherness Bear
Togetherness Bear made their debut in 2021 as part of Basic Fun’s Care Bears toy range as a 14-inch plush exclusive to Walmart stores in the United States.

Which Care Bear is most popular?

Bedtime Bear: An original and perhaps the most popular Care Bear was this aqua blue toy with the moon and stars tummy symbol. He is a very sleepy bear. Bedtime Bear is one of only a few Care Bears that can be found wearing clothes. 2.

Are all Care Bears male?

The toys were first made as characters on cards in 1981; the original artwork was done by James Lewis. Later, other toys called the Care Bear Cousins were introduced.

First ten.

Name Friend Bear
Colour Peach/Yellow orange
Gender Female (1980’s-2018) Male (2020-present)
Symbol Two flowers

Is Dream bright bear a girl?

Dream Bright Bear has sky blue fur with a lavender gradient at the bottom of her head, with lavender hair. She also has a star-shaped lavender blush. She has heart-shaped pupils in her eyes and her Belly Badge is a smiling pink heart with sky blue wings with a five striped rainbow resonating from the top of the heart.

What was the first Care Bear?

The 10 original Care Bears consist of Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear (replaced by Share Bear in 2002), Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear.

Is grumpy bear a boy or girl?

First ten

Name Colour Gender
Good Luck Bear Green Male
Grumpy Bear Indigo blue Male
Love-A-Lot Bear Magenta pink Female
Tenderheart Bear Brown/Bronwn orange Male

How old are Care Bears?

The Care Bears were initially created in 1981 by Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC), the licensing division of the greeting card company American Greetings.

What’s the rarest Care Bear?

Who is the kindest Care Bear?

Share Bear is the most selfless of all of the Care Bears, period.

Is bedtime bear a boy?

Bedtime Bear is a male bear. He’s always very sleepy and often talks with a yawning, sleepy voice. He likes to help everyone get a good night’s sleep, and wishes everyone sweet dreams. He has aqua blue fur and his belly badge is a blue moon with a star.

How much is a 1983 Care Bear worth?

Websites like Doopydoo’s and Care Bear Collectors have been set up for serious toy traders. According to Care Bear Collectors, this ‘VTG Care Bears Cousins Pink Monkey One Of A Kind 1983 PROTOYPE Plush Animal’ sold for US $10,000, or AU $14,357 on 23 October last year – and that was only one single bear.

What is the rarest Care Bear figure?

Which vintage Care Bear is worth the most?

Nobleheart Horse Care Bears Cousin
So what are the most valuable Care Bears? Top of the list is the super rare Nobleheart Horse Care Bears Cousin – a highly-coveted vintage piece which can fetch around the $800 mark.