Is the 407 being extended?

Is the 407 being extended?

The Highway 7 East project, a toll road owned by the Ontario government, was originally scheduled to be completed in 2020. The extension will add 14.2 kilometres to Highway 407, and the new Highway 418 (10 kilometres).

How far east does the 407 extend?

67 miles

Highway 407 ETR extends 108 km (67 miles) from the QEW/403 (Burlington, ON) in the west to Brock Road (Pickering, ON) in the east. There are 198 ramps on 407 ETR to conveniently enter or exit the highway.

Who owns the new 407 extension?

The Highway 407 East Phase 2 is a toll road and owned by the Ontario government. Construction was completed in November 2019, with the highway officially opening on December 9, 2019.

How long is the 407 highway?

94.08 miOntario 407 / Length

Does China own the 407?

The 407 is owned by Spain’s Cintra Global S.E., a subsidiary of Ferrovial, which owns a 43.23 per cent stake. Indirectly owned subsidiaries of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board own 40 per cent of the highway, and, once Friday’s deal closes, OMERS will own 10.01 per cent and SNC-Lavalin 6.76 per cent.

Is the 407 the most expensive toll road?

There is no other way to pay 407 tolls.
The tolls charged on the 407 have been cited as the highest priced tolls in the world! Alternately, at no charge, you can use highways 401, 403, and the QEW ( Queen Elizabeth Way ) which parallel the 407 ETR route.

What is the difference between 407 and 407 ETR?

Although connected to 407 ETR, Highway 407 (including Highway 412 and Highway 418) is a provincially owned tolled highway. To ensure a seamless experience for users of both highways, 407 ETR, provides tolling and customer services on the Province’s behalf for Highway 407, Highway 412 and Highway 418.

How much money does the 407 make a year?

407 International Inc. (the “Company”) announced today revenues of $1,505.3 million for 2019, compared to $1,390.3 million for 2018.

Why is 407 paid?

The highway lease requires that 407 ETR attract and maintain certain levels of traffic. If certain traffic thresholds are not met, a congestion payment to the Province may be required. At the end of the lease agreement, the highway and toll systems etc. will be transferred to the Province of Ontario.

What happens if you go on 407 without transponder?

As well, if the Ontario Provincial Police or Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers stop a heavy vehicle on 407 ETR without a valid transponder, the driver will be subject to a $90 Highway Traffic Act fine.