Is Spigen a drop proof?

Is Spigen a drop proof?

All of Spigen’s cases, including the new Thin Fit, have Air Cushio technology that can absorb an impact when the phone is dropped.

Is the Spigen Tough Armor good?

Design complaints aside, the Spigen Tough Armor is a really fantastic case. It’s built like a tank, offers some of the best protection you’ll find in this price range, and even turns your S10 into a mini-movie theater in the blink of an eye.

Which Spigen case is the toughest?

the Spigen Tough Armor

Thereʼs only one tough case in Spigenʼs selection and that would be the Spigen Tough Armor. Now the only reason why we say the Tough Armor is the toughest case is because the case is physically more substantial than other cases. Thereʼs another case called the Spigen Slim Armor.

Is Spigen Tough Armor case slippery?

It’s a slippery case, so if you want something that will make your phone slide easily in and out of your pocket, it’s a good choice.

Are Spigen cases military grade?

In fact, it’s passed military-grade standard tests, coupled with Air Cushion Technology, to ensure your phone doesn’t get damaged through daily use or occasional accidents.

Who owns Spigen?

Daeyoung Kim

Founded 2008
Products Phone accessories
Brands Caseology
Owner Daeyoung Kim

Does Spigen case turn yellow?

The transparant back doesn’t turn yellow over time either. Above all, it provides a great protection too.

Is Spigen tough armor a good case Reddit?

Very impressive. I think I will only buy spigen after this. I like the grip and feel, buttons are perfect and it seems to cover the screen enough.

How can you tell a real Spigen?

Genuine VS Fake SPIGEN Cases for GS4 (Neo Hybrid and Slim Armor)

What is the meaning of Spigen?

The word Spigen is a combination of two words: spiegel (which means mirror in German), and gen (which means gene). In June 2017 Spigen launched a copyright claim against Essential Products claiming their new phone infringed upon their trademarks on the word “essential”.

Is there a clear phone case that doesn’t yellow?

RHINOSHIELD Clear has been tested for 168 hours for resistance to yellowing and has passed the SGS UV test. The case has proven that it does not discolor even with continuous exposure to high temperature UV lights and extreme shifting humidity levels.

Is Spigen tough armor bulky?

As we mentioned earlier, the Spigen Tough Armor is a pretty slim case. It’s one of the slimmest cases out there but in terms of bulk, it’s as big as the Otterbox Symmetry but it handles better than the Symmetry.

What is liquid air case?

The Liquid Air® for the iPhone 13 a shock-absorption in a sleek frame. Its slim but flexible layer is packed with Air Cushion Technology® and drop defense. Its geometric pattern on a matte black finish adds a modern touch with added cleanliness and fingerprint-resistant.

How can you tell a fake Spigen case?

Is Spigen owned by Apple?

In June 2017 Spigen launched a copyright claim against Essential Products claiming their new phone infringed upon their trademarks on the word “essential”.


Founded 2008
Brands Caseology
Owner Daeyoung Kim

How long until a clear case turns yellow?

one to three months
Within one to three months, you notice that the phone case starts to turn a funky yellow color. A phone has ten times more germs than a public bathroom, so it is no wonder that a clear case can easily become filthy and discolored.

Do hard clear cases turn yellow?

Clear phone cases don’t actually turn yellow over time, they get more yellow. All clear cases have a natural yellow tint to them. The case makers usually add a small amount of blue dye to offset the yellow, making it appear more crystal clear.

Are Spigen liquid cases good?

Well made/Fits great, like every Spigen case I’ve had. Fits great, as have all my Spigen cases. This material seems to be the same formulation as my other 3 Spigen cases: It is very durable, even at the cutouts and thinner points. Fits slim and has adequate protection for coordinated people (knock on wood).

How do you clean a Spigen liquid air case?

Generally, we suggest to our customers to clean our cases with mild soap and warm water or with a damp microfiber cloth.

Is Spigen a Chinese company?

Spigen Inc, commonly known as Spigen, is a South Korean mobile phone accessory maker based in the United States that makes cases, screen protectors and other accessories for popular smartphone models. Spigen Inc. was formerly SGP Korea, a South Korean mobile accessory company, established in 2004.

How do I pronounce Spigen?

pronunciation /spee’gan/
Since its launch in 2008, Spigen has earned recognition from producers in the industry, and is now one of the leading global providers for premier mobile accessories. With a solidified reputation and longstanding commitment to customers, Spigen continues to grow.

What cases dont turn yellow?

How do I make my yellow case clear again?

A simple cleaning solution and instructions are as follows:

  1. Make a mixture of one cup of warm water (or 240ml) and a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Mix the solution together.
  3. Use a toothbrush to scrub the solution over the phone case.
  4. Work into all the nooks and crannies and clean it on the interior and exterior.

What kind of clear case doesn’t turn yellow?

What does Spigen logo mean?

Meaning Behind the Logo. The name, Spigen, derives from the two German words, “spiegel” and “gen”, meaning mirror and gene. Both were combined to reflect the ideology behind our values in creating solutions reflecting the needs of our valued customers. “spiegel”