Is SmartPost USPS or FedEx?

Is SmartPost USPS or FedEx?

SmartPost typically utilizes USPS service for the last leg of deliveries — but not always. In some cases, when FedEx is already near a package’s destination and the delivery would be easy and efficient, FedEx drivers deliver parcels themselves. But the majority of SmartPost packages move through USPS trucks.

Can SmartPost returns be dropped off at FedEx?

Yes, you can use drop boxes for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx SmartPost shipments.

Where is my package FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx Smartpost Returns Tracking

Track FedEx Smartpost Return by using our tracking service at or in our iOS/Android apps. Locate FedEx Smartpost Returns tracking number (it’s usually all digits like 02394653084833154920), enter it into package search field above and click Track Package.

What is a FedEx SmartPost?

Overview. FedEx Ground® Economy (formerly FedEx SmartPost®) is a cost- effective U.S. residential shipping option for low-weight, non- urgent, high-volume shipments by utilizing the entire FedEx Ground® delivery network. FedEx Ground® Economy provides efficient package delivery to all U.S. residential addresses.

Why does FedEx SmartPost take so long?

FedEx SmartPost time to deliver can be 2-5 days longer than ground or home delivery. This is due to the additional shipper involvement once USPS takes over that last leg. Count on a guaranteed additional day just for that reason.

Can USPS pick up FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx SmartPost has announced a new way for consumers to return items to a retailer using the U.S. Postal Service. The service provides the convenience of USPS access points for a return pickup at collection boxes and post offices, and free package pickup from home or business addresses.

Can I drop off a SmartPost package at USPS?

The main difference: SurePost delivers packages to the nearest USPS office, whereas SmartPost drops them off at the nearest USPS regional hub. For that reason alone, you may see slightly faster delivery by using UPS.

What is the difference between FedEx and FedEx SmartPost?

With FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx controls the package the entire route, from pick-up to front-door. SmartPost is a last mile final delivery partnership between FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Why is FedEx SmartPost so slow?

FedEx SmartPost time to deliver can be 2-5 days longer than ground or home delivery. This is due to the additional shipper involvement once USPS takes over that last leg.

Is SmartPost reliable?

Based on our experience and data, while transit times are longer than Ground and Home Delivery, the reliability of SmartPost is quite good, meaning it consistently reaches its destination in the timeframe specified by FedEx.

How long does FedEx SmartPost take?

between 2 and 7 business days
Statistically, most SmartPost shipments weigh less than 10 pounds. Delivery time is generally anywhere between 2 and 7 business days. Business owners find FedEx’s SmartPost shipping option both efficient and cost effective, with a potential 20 percent savings when compared against the traditional Home Delivery service.

Can I put FedEx SmartPost in my mailbox?

The answer is no. Again, Federal law has its part to play. It is actually illegal for FedEx to put their packages inside a USPS mailbox. This is why no matter the size of the package, a FedEx driver has to take the item to your door, rather than leave it in the mailbox.

Can you ship FedEx SmartPost at USPS?

How long does it take to get a package from FedEx SmartPost?

How long does FedEx SmartPost usually take?

Typically, delivery takes 2 to 7 business days, depending on the distance from your shipment’s origin to its destination (with longer times outside the contiguous 48 states). Learn more about delivery times and other service details. What is FedEx SmartPost?

Is FedEx SmartPost reliable?

What is the difference in FedEx and FedEx SmartPost?

What happens if you drop a FedEx package at USPS?

Thank you! Accidental drop offs between USPS and Fedex, and others, have a hand-shake policy. Each will pass the package to its appropriate shipper. No worries!

Can you drop FedEx off at USPS?

Customers can drop off packages at any of our 63,000+ locations. U.S. Postal Service tender options. Customers can drop off their return package at their local post office or postal collection box, or even leave it in their mailbox or on their front porch.

Will USPS accept FedEx packages?

It is technically possible to use a FedEx box to ship through USPS, as long as the shipping label used is a USPS shipping label and you remove all the old labels and barcodes. However, it is not legally allowed and could result in problems for your shipment.

Does FedEx SmartPost still exist?

FedEx SmartPost has been renamed FedEx Ground Economy. But don’t worry. You’ll still get the same efficient residential shipping and returns for low-weight packages that you’ve come to know and rely on with FedEx SmartPost.

Can SmartPost be dropped off at USPS?

What is SmartPost called now?

FedEx Ground Economy
FedEx SmartPost is the previous name of our contractual, cost-effective shipping service for low-weight, nonurgent packages. We’ve changed the name of the service from FedEx SmartPost to FedEx Ground Economy. As a customer, you may receive preprinted labels that still have the FedEx SmartPost name on them.

Can FedEx SmartPost go in the mailbox?

Ship your package by: a. Placing it in your mailbox or USPS collection box. Note: Packages larger than 2 ½ inches by 11 ½ inches x 12 ½ inches will not fit in collection boxes. If your shipments are typically larger than that, you may want to drop this section from the list.