Is Samford a suburb of Brisbane?

Is Samford a suburb of Brisbane?

Samford Village (4520) is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. Samford is a community located in South East Queensland, Australia, which comprises Samford Village (population 752, MBRC, 2011) and Samford Valley. It is roughly 18 kilometres (12 mi) north west of Brisbane.

Is Samford a suburb?

The suburb of Samford Valley has an approximate area of 20 km². It is surrounded by the suburbs of Camp Mountain, Cedar Creek, Draper, Ferny Hills, Highvale, Samford Village, Wights Mountain and Yugar. It is within the council of Moreton Bay.

What is Queensland’s postcode?

List of All Postcodes in Queensland
Postcode Code Postcode Name Local Government Area
4101 Brisbane Brisbane
4102 Brisbane Brisbane
4103 Brisbane Brisbane

What suburbs are in postcode 4207?


Postcode Suburb Category
4207 BANNOCKBURN, QLD Delivery Area
4207 BEENLEIGH, QLD Delivery Area
4207 BELIVAH, QLD Delivery Area
4207 BUCCAN, QLD Delivery Area

Is Samford Valley a good suburb?

The suburb’s capital gain of 32.08% for the past year is higher than average compared to its 68.62% growth within a five-year period. This figures put the ATC suburb in the ranks of the best performing suburbs in Australia in terms of capital gains.

Whats it like to live in Samford Valley?

Pristine creeks and crystal clear waterfalls, plentiful nature, great cafes, 30 mins to Brisbane CBD, safe for family’s, great for couples and families, great investment area, already starting to be recongnised by developers and is a treasure area.

Is Samford part of Greater Brisbane?

Samford is a town in Moreton Bay Region, South East Queensland, Australia. It consists of two localities, Samford Village and Samford Valley.

Samford, Queensland.

Samford Queensland
Postcode(s) 4520
Time zone AEST (UTC+10:00)
Location 18.7 km (12 mi) SW of Strathpine 21.9 km (14 mi) NW of Brisbane
LGA(s) Moreton Bay Region

What is Brisbane City postcode?

4000Brisbane City / Postal code

What is the postcode for Gold Coast?

Gold Coast/Zip codes

What is the postcode for Holmview?

4207Holmview / Postal code

What is the postcode for Yarrabilba?

4207Yarrabilba / Postal code

Is Samford a good place to live?

Samford is loved by families for its generous spaces, large residential properties and safe, community atmosphere. Animal lovers are also drawn to the suburb because of its potential for hobby farms and acreage for horses and livestock.

Where is Samford in Brisbane?

Samford is a hilly area, roughly 21 kilometres (13 mi) north west of Brisbane. Access to Samford from Brisbane is via Samford Road through the Samford State Forest and takes about 10 minutes from Ferny Grove. Samford is located adjacent to the Samford State Forest section of Brisbane Forest Park.

What LGA is Samford?

Moreton Bay local government area

Name: Moreton Bay
Area type: Local government area
Total area: 2,038.0 km²
% total Qld: 0.1%
Towns: Beachmere, Bongaree, Burpengary, Caboolture, D Aguilar, Dayboro, Deception Bay, Narangba, Samford, Toorbul, Wamuran, Woodford, Woorim

What is the area code for Brisbane?


Brisbane Phone Number with 07 area code.

What postcodes are in greater Brisbane?


Postcode Suburb Category
4000 BRISBANE CITY, QLD Delivery Area
4000 BRISBANE GPO, QLD Delivery Area
2580 BRISBANE GROVE, NSW Delivery Area
4106 BRISBANE MARKET, QLD Delivery Area

What is the postcode for Main Beach?

4217Main Beach / Postal code

What postcode is Pacific Fair?


Postcode Suburb Category
4218 PACIFIC FAIR, QLD Delivery Area

What is the postcode for eagleby?

4207Eagleby / Postal code

What council is Yarrabilba Qld in?

Logan City Council
Yarrabilba – Logan City Council.

What council area is Samford in?

Moreton Bay Regional Council
Home – Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Where is Samford?

Samford University is a private Christian university in Homewood, Alabama. In 1841, the university was founded as Howard College by Baptists. Samford University describes itself as the 86th oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. The university enrolls 5,758 students from 48 states and 22 countries.

What is Brisbane city postcode?

What area code is 07211?

Postal Code 07211 – Kiev – Cybo.

What postcodes are in Brisbane City?