Is National Trust worth the money?

Is National Trust worth the money?

National Trust memberships are undoubtedly worth it. There are so many different places you can visit for free across the country, and when you throw in free car parking, as well as free entry to various locations overseas as well, then there is so much to love about being a National Trust member.

What is the purpose of the National Trust?

It was established for the purpose of promoting the permanent preservation for the benefit of the nation of lands, and buildings, of beauty or historic interest and lands for the preservation so far as practical of their natural aspect features and animal and plant life.

Can you cancel National Trust membership anytime?

You can cancel your membership mid-year but there is no benefit in doing so because you will not receive a refund if you do. If you pay monthly you will need to either make the payment in full, or continue to pay until the end of your membership year as per your monthly agreement.

Can the National Trust sell property?

Under the National Trust Act (1907) and the National Trust for Scotland Order Confirmation Acts 1935 and 1938 their holdings can be declared inalienable which means they cannot be sold, mortgaged or even compulsorily purchased by the government (without a debate in Parliament).

Is Kew Gardens free to National Trust members?

Please note, Kew Gardens is not part of the National Trust so all National Trust members will need to pay general admission to visit. *Please note: Advance tickets must be purchased 48 hours or more from the time of entry in order to receive the discounted price.

Can a friend use my National Trust card?

Membership may not be transferred to another person and Members are not permitted to allow another person to use their Membership card. 2.3 ‘Ordinary or Adult Member’ categories allow only the named card holder to enter our properties.

What is the most popular National Trust property?

Ten most popular National Trust sites

  • Giant’s Causeway, Antrim (665,681 visits)
  • Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire (475,604 visits)
  • Attingham Park, Shropshire (466,658 visits)
  • Belton House, Lincolnshire (450,293 visits)
  • Larrybane, North Antrim (432,984 visits)
  • Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire (423,436 visits)

How much does CEO of National Trust earn?

CEO compensation among charities in the United Kingdom

Charity CEO salary (£) CEO name
Oxfam 120,936 Danny Sriskandarajah
National Trust 179,000 Fiona Reynolds
Nuffield Health 840,000 Steve Gray
Prince’s Trust 140,000 Martina Milburn

Does National Trust do NHS discount?

Does the National Trust do NHS discounts? National Trust does not offer NHS discounts at the moment. For updates on future NHS, discounts make sure that you sign-up for their newsletter.

How many houses are owned by the National Trust?

As of 2020, the Trust owns almost 250,000 hectares (620,000 acres; 2,500 km2; 970 sq mi) of land, 780 miles of coast, more than 200 historic houses, 41 castles and chapels, 47 industrial monuments and mills, the sites of factories and mines, 9 lighthouses, 56 villages, 39 public houses, and 25 medieval barns.

Do National Trust members get free entry?

With National Trust membership you can enjoy:

Free entry to over 500 places in our care. Free parking at most National Trust car parks. National Trust Handbook, full of information about our places.

Can you walk around Kew Gardens for free?

You can walk parallel to Kew on the Thames path, it walks alongside the gardens on one side and the river on the other side so it is pretty. If you want to go into Kew Gardens however, you do need to pay an entrance fee, it’s worth it though as the gardens are huge, stunning and all year there is stuff to see.

Do they check ID at National Trust?

We’ve introduced scannable membership cards for all of our members and in order to gain entry to our places you need to show your membership card to a member of staff and at properties with barcode scanners we will need to scan the card to count your entry.

What is the newest National Trust property?

Chichester carriage for Arlington Court, Devon.

What is the oldest National Trust property?

One of the founders of the National Trust, Octavia Hill, took immediate interest and after a series of complicated negotiations, on the 16 April 1896 it was agreed to sell the Clergy House to the National Trust for the nominal fee of £10 and so became the first built property ever acquired by the Trust.

Who is the highest paid charity CEO in UK?

A survey has shown the UK’s highest paid charity chief raked in a whopping £780,000 last year while the average salary of top charity bosses is revealed to be £170,000. David Mobbs earned the eye watering sum for being responsible for Nuffield Health, the private hospital operator.

Why do CEOs of charities make so much?

The CEO of a non-profit is ultimately responsible for ensuring the financial viability of the charity. Having to ensure the charity can bring in donations, secure funding and manage its finances correctly is one of the big reasons non-profit CEOs make so much money.

How can I join the National Trust cheaply?

We currently give nearly one million senior members a concession of 25 per cent off our adult rates. If you’re 60 or over and you’ve held an individual or joint membership for at least five of the last ten years, you’ll be eligible for the reduced fee.

Can I use my Blue Light Card at National Trust?

Blue Light Card
Unfortunately, there are no deals on membership. However, if you are a Blue Light Card member, showing your card will give you 10% of at the National Trust Online shop and 20% off English Heritage gifts. Find out more about the Blue Light Card.

What is the most visited National Trust property?

Do National Trust members get discount in Cafe?

Do you offer discounts on memberships? As a charity, we don’t offer general discounts on membership.

Can I use my National Trust card at Kew Gardens?

Which part of Kew Garden is free?

2nd entrance
Kew Gardens is one of the participating locations. In essence, you pay for one ticket and the 2nd entrance is free.

What happens if I forgot my National Trust card?

Can I get in without my card? Without your card, you may be asked to pay an admission fee. Annual and life members can return their admission tickets in exchange for some National Trust vouchers, less an admin fee.

Is National Trust better than English Heritage?

In conclusion, if you enjoy visiting stately homes and gardens and normally you don’t have any children with you, then the National Trust comes out on top. On the other hand, if castles and ancient ruins are your forte and you often have children/grandchildren in tow, then English Heritage is the better choice.