Is Mikee Quintos still studying?

Is Mikee Quintos still studying?

She is currently taking architecture at the University of the Santo Tomas. Quintos is discovered through YouTube. She bagged the role of Lira (originally played by Jennylyn Mercado), daughter of Amihan in the phenomenal fantaserye, Encantadia, and is considered her breakout role.

How old is Mikee Quintos?

24 years (December 18, 1997)Mikee Quintos / Age

How many siblings does Mikee Quintos have?

Denise QuintosJodee Quintos
Mikee Quintos/Siblings

Who is the parent of Mikee Quintos?

Jocelyn J. QuintosEduardo Quintos XIV
Mikee Quintos/Parents

How old is Bianca Umali?

22 years (March 2, 2000)Bianca Umali / Age

How old is Barbie Forteza now?

25 years (July 31, 1997)Barbie Forteza / Age

How old is Kate Valdez in Encantadia?

22 years (August 21, 2000)Kate Valdez / Age

How old is Gabbi Garcia?

23 years (December 2, 1998)Gabbi Garcia / Age

What nationality is Bianca Umali?

PhilippineBianca Umali / Nationality

Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali (Tagalog pronunciation: [ʊˈmalɪ]; born March 2, 2000) is a Filipino actress.

How old is Gabbi Garcia now?

How many siblings does Barbie Forteza have?

Gabrielle ViernezaBarbie Forteza / Siblings
Early life. Barbara Ambas Forteza was born on July 31, 1997, in Biñan, Laguna, to Imelda and Tony Forteza. She has a sister, Gabrielle Vierneza.

How old is Ruru Madrid?

24 years (December 4, 1997)Ruru Madrid / Age

What is the birthday of Kate Valdez?

August 21, 2000 (age 22 years)Kate Valdez / Date of birth

Where did Gabbi Garcia go to college?

MINT CollegeSt. Paul College, Pasig
Gabbi Garcia/Education

Who is Gabi Garcia dad?

Vince Pena LopezGabbi Garcia / Father

How old is Bianca Umali now?

Is Bianca Umali an orphan?

Bianca Umali opened up about being orphaned at an early age in her first-ever full-length YouTube video titled “Draw My Life.” “When I was five years old, I lost my mommy. My Mommy became an angel. I lost my Mommy when I was five because of breast cancer and I was left with my Dad.

What school is Gabbi Garcia from?

Is Gabbi Garcia only child?

Alexandra Deneece LopezGabbi Garcia / Siblings

What is the real name of Barbie Imperial?

Barbie Concina ImperialBarbie Imperial / Full name

Who is Ruru Madrid sister?

Rere MadridRuru Madrid / Sister

What is Ruru Madrid real name?

José Ezekiel Misa MadridRuru Madrid / Full name

How was Gabbi Garcia discovered?

Garcia began working in commercials and joining singing competitions. In 2013, she made her television acting debut as one of the young lead stars in GMA Network’s primetime series My Destiny. For a few years, she was credited as Gabrielle Garcia. She was paired with Ruru Madrid in a loveteam.

How tall is Gabi Garcia?

6′ 2″Gabi Garcia / Height

Where does Gabi Garcia live?

São Paulo, Brazil

Gabi Garcia
Residence São Paulo, Brazil
Height 188 cm (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 209 lb (95 kg)
Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu