Is Krown rustproofing worth it?

Is Krown rustproofing worth it?

Krown came in second with a 70% effective rating, and Rust Check came in a distant third with a 40% rating. Both Krown and Rust Check are both still considerably viable options when choosing how to rust proof your vehicle, but in terms of overall value and effectiveness, neither stacked up to Corrosion Free.

How long does Krown rust proofing last?

12 months

No matter when you have Krown applied, the application lasts for 12 months.

Does Krown rust proofing stop rust?

Both new and used vehicles have rust on them and the Krown Rust Control product works on either. Krown is absorbed into existing corrosion and pushes out any moisture present, thus significantly slowing the corrosion process.

Who owns Krown rust?

Wes Freeland – Owner – Krown Rust Control | LinkedIn.

Which rust proofing is best?

Drip Oil Spray
This procedure is the most common and most recommended method of rust proofing, as it’s able to fully rust proof your vehicle by penetrating all the small nooks and crannies. The biggest knock on this method is that the sprayed oil will drip off your vehicle for about two days as it dries.

Does Krown damage rubber?

Krown almost always warps soft rubber. I had this happen on 7 different vehicles so far. The worst one was caliper pin boots on a VW, had to lube them every 6 months.

Do you need Krown every year?

Do I have to “Krown” my vehicle every year? To ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected, it is essential to have it treated every year. Especially these days when extremely aggressive road chemicals are in use for de-icing our roads, make sure you come in for a treatment every year.

Can you drive in rain after Krown?

One final difference is the added benefit that Krown offers of lubricating many moving parts on a vehicle such as door locks, brake cables, power antennas, etc. Coating products cannot do this. Can Krown be applied even if it’s raining or snowing? Absolutely, Krown can be effectively applied in any type of weather.

Is Krown a Canadian company?

Krown history
The company became known as Krown. Krown is a unique Canadian-owned and operated vehicle maintenance business. Each Krown Dealer in our nationwide network owns his business and is not a franchisee.

Will Krown stain my driveway?

Don’t worry Krown is environmentally-friendly. What if it drips on my driveway? If your driveway is asphalt the marks on your driveway will go away on their own usually after a week or two.

Should I wash my car before rust proofing?

Does my vehicle have to be clean before the treatment? It’s not necessary for your vehicle to be perfectly clean. Rust Check was designed to penetrate existing rust and therefore moves through average road dirt. In the winter, we pressure wash any ice and snow build up.

Can I wash my car after rustproofing?

Most people wait at least one week to wash the underside of the vehicle after a vehicle has received Krown so the product can harden. When you do decide to clean your vehicle it is best to avoid cleaning the underside of your car with hot water, degreasers or high pressure washes.

When can I wash my car after Krown?

How long does it take to Krown a car?

Application Time
To have a typical car protected at Krown takes approximately 45 min to an hour. If more than one technician is working on the vehicle at once, the time it takes will be reduced.