Is Fareham a nice place?

Is Fareham a nice place?

A PICTURESQUE Hampshire town that’s “got it all” has been dubbed as one of the best places in the UK to live in. Fareham town has been labelled as the second best place in the UK for quality of life in this year’s annual quality of life survey by Halifax.

How many people live in Fareham Hampshire?

In Fareham, the population size has increased by 2.6%, from around 111,600 in 2011 to 114,500 in 2021. This is lower than the overall increase for England (6.6%), where the population grew by nearly 3.5 million to 56,489,800.

Is Fareham classed as Portsmouth?

Fareham (/ˈfɛərəm/ FAIR-əm) is a market town at the north-west tip of Portsmouth Harbour, between the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton in south east Hampshire, England. It gives its name to the Borough of Fareham.

Shire county Hampshire
Region South East
Country England
Sovereign state United Kingdom

How old is Fareham town?

Fareham Town were formed in 1947, when three local sides Fareham FC, Fareham Brotherhood FC and Fareham Youth Centre FC amalgamated together after at a public meeting in the town in 1946, it was suggested to form a football club for the town.

Where should I live in Fareham?

The Fareham area covers a multitude of really sought-after property locations. Among some of the most desirable are homes located in Old Fareham, Wickham, Portchester, Titchfield and the still expanding Whiteley development.

Is Fareham worth visiting?

Boasting around 300 shops, plentiful cafes, restaurants and pubs, a wide range of business services and a lively entertainment scene, there is plenty to enjoy. Within easy access of the motorway, the town offers a great mix of modern attractions with an important historical architectural background.

Why is Fareham called Fareham?

Fareham in the Middle Ages

It was called Ferne Ham. The Saxon word ham meant a village or settlement so it was the village by the ferns. The original settlement was on a hill near where the church of St Peter and St Paul now stands. Perhaps the Saxons settled at Fareham because a village on a hill was easy to defend.

What shops are at Fareham?


  • 3 Store.
  • b&m.
  • Bakers & Baristas.
  • Barclays.
  • Bhavi Beauty.
  • Bonmarche.
  • Boots.
  • Cafe Giardino.

Is Fareham a good place to live?

Homebuyers will be pleased to hear that Fareham residents are also a happy lot, with the town being voted the second-best place to live in the UK in the 2020 Halifax quality of life survey (it was pipped to the number 1 spot by East Hertfordshire).

Why is Fareham a good place to live?

Fareham borough was celebrated for its general health and happiness of residents, high employment rate and life satisfaction scores. It was praised for having the best quality of life in the whole of the south east.

Is Gosport a nice place to live?

Gosport is a good place to retire. This town has some very desirable neighbourhoods and access to the sea. The healthcare here, usually a concern for senior people, is very reliable. The amenities are top-notch and the seaside and countryside offer plenty of health and fitness activities.

What is Hampshire famous for?

Hampshire is famous for its watercress, having been commercially growing the crop since the 19th century. The county is responsible for the majority of watercress production across the nation.

What day is market day in Fareham?

Traditional markets are held from 9am to 3pm:
Every Monday in Fareham West Street. Every Wednesday in Portchester West Street. Additional markets are held every Thursday during the school holidays.

What shops are in Fareham High Street?

How safe is Fareham?

Crime and safety
Generally, the residents of Fareham feel safe, secure, and happy. Like any UK town or city, crime does exist in Fareham, but the area is well patrolled by Hampshire Police and overall rates are a lot lower than average for the Hampshire force area and other similarly sized towns across the UK.

Why is Gosport called Turk town?

Gosport is sometimes called Turk Town. It is believed it is because in 1850-51 ships from the Turkish navy were at anchor off the town. Some Turkish sailors died during that time and they were buried in Gosport.

What’s it like to live in Fareham?

Generally, the residents of Fareham feel safe, secure, and happy. Like any UK town or city, crime does exist in Fareham, but the area is well patrolled by Hampshire Police and overall rates are a lot lower than average for the Hampshire force area and other similarly sized towns across the UK.

Is Hampshire a posh area?

Hampshire is one of the most affluent counties in the country, with an unemployment rate lower than the national average. Its economy mainly derives from major companies, maritime, agriculture and tourism.

What are Hampshire people called?

People of Hampshire have had the pleasure of being referred to as ‘Hampshire Hogs’, from the late 18th century. Hampshire being the home for hundreds of years of wild boar, that could be found foraging in the undergrowth of vast tracks of forests throughout the county.

Is Whiteley Fareham a good place to live?

Families are attracted to Whiteley specifically because it is safe, convenient (right on the main M27 motorway), and has excellent amenities and schools. A home here is on average £363,428 in April 2022.

What is Gosport famous for?

The town of Gosport is best known for its connections to the Royal Navy, but the report into the deaths of hundreds of patients at the War Memorial Hospital has thrust it into the spotlight for a very different reason.

What is Gosport like to live?

Affordable town, village, waterfront, beach and countryside living. Within its 11 square miles the Gosport peninsula offers 24 miles of coastline and acres of green open spaces. Therefore although an urban centre its residents can enjoy waterfront, beach and countryside living, often literally on their doorstep.

Which is best place to live in Hampshire?

5 Best Places to Live in Hampshire

  1. Winchester – Ancient Capital of England. Winchester is, without a doubt, the superstar city of the county.
  2. Basingstoke – A Hub for Shoppers and Digital Technology.
  3. Portsmouth – A Historic Port City.
  4. Petersfield – A Traditional Market Town.
  5. Southampton – a University City.

What is the poshest county in England?

POLL: Which Home County is Most Posh?

  • Kent (28) 11.11%
  • Surrey (96) 38.1%
  • East Sussex (3) 1.19%
  • West Sussex (10) 3.97%
  • Hampshire (26) 10.32%
  • Berkshire (20) 7.94%
  • Buckinghamshire (52) 20.63%
  • Hertfordshire (17) 6.75%

What food is Hampshire famous for?

Hampshire is famous for lamb, beef and watercress.
Pork is particularly associated with the New Forest, where pigs graze on acorns, beech mast and windfall apples from orchards. The quality of the bacon and ham is very good.