Is Crosspool A good place to live?

Is Crosspool A good place to live?

Crookes, Crosspool and Ranmoor have been named as among some of the best places to live in Britain in a new survey. A typical leafy scene in the S10 postcode area.

Why is Crosspool called Crosspool?

The presence of several natural pools gave the area its name in the 1800s as travellers on the turnpike roads were said to have “crossed the pools” when they had passed through the neighbourhood and the name of Crosspool developed.

Where do rich people live in Sheffield?

Dore. One of the most expensive areas in Sheffield, Dore is located sits 6 miles to the south-west of the city centre. The village is home to Sheffield most elite and it certainly lives up to its reputation. If you want to live in Sheffield and have the financial means, this is the places to be.

Is Sheffield a small city?

Sheffield certainly isn’t a small city. It’s one of the regional capitalis of the country and one of the English core cities (alongside Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol). In terms of population it’s probably fourth or so in England.

What is the poorest area in Sheffield?

1. Woodthorpe. The Vikingleas, the Castledales, The Fairfaxes and Archdale Road are all S2 postcode streets that fall within the most deprived LSOA in Sheffield, with a IMD score of 107.

What is the richest area of Sheffield?

What is a Sheffield accent called?

The Yorkshire dialect (also known as Broad Yorkshire, Tyke, Yorkie or Yorkshire English) is a dialect, or continuum of dialects, spoken in the Yorkshire region of Northern England. The dialect has roots in Old English and is influenced by Old Norse.

What do locals call Sheffield?

• Density 4,547/km2 (11,780/sq mi)
Demonym Sheffielder Dee Dah
OS grid reference SK355875
Metropolitan borough Sheffield

Where is Crosspool in Sheffield?

/ 53.378; -1.526 Crosspool is a suburb of the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, located 2.5 miles (4 km) west of the city centre. The suburb falls within the Crookes ward of the City of Sheffield.

What is the Crosspool area?

Present day Crosspool is centred on the area around the junction of Manchester Road, Sandygate Road and Lydgate Lane where there is a selection of shops, food takeaways and a post office which since 2004 has been located inside a SPAR store. The Crosspool Tavern, a public house, is also in this area.

What is Crosspool like in Manchester?

It is a middle class residential area in an elevated position above the Porter and Rivelin valleys and stands at around 660 feet (200 m) above sea level. Crosspool is situated on the A57 road (Manchester Road) and is the last suburb on that road before the city boundary and open countryside is reached.

Did you know that Crosspool was bombed in World War II?

Crosspool suffered some bomb damage during the Second World War when bombs were dropped on Den Bank, Shore Lane, Sandygate Road and Ringstead Crescent. The Crosspool transmitter is a prominent landmark across Sheffield.