How much travel do Fox 40 have?

How much travel do Fox 40 have?


Fox 40 fork range
All have 203mm of travel, FIT GRIP2 dampers and straight 1.125″ steerers. The 26′ and 650b forks have a 20mm through axle, but the 29er – now known as the Fox 40 Factory – gets a 20mm Boost axle.

What is the difference between Fox 36 and Fox 38?

By their measurements, Fox says that the 38 fork is “31% stiffer transverse shear, 17% stiffer fore/aft, and 38% torsionally stiffer than the 36.” All that material does make the fork a fair bit heavier, tipping the scale roughly 300g deeper than the 36 that we tested last season.

How much travel does the 27.5 FOX 40 have?


Travel 203mm
Stanchion Material Kashima
Wheel Size 27.5”
Lower Material Magnesium
Crown Material Alloy

What’s the difference between Fox 34 and 36?

So the next one up is the 34.. There you go 34 once again 34 millimeter stanchion diameter. This could go on a trail hardtail which is what this yeti arc.

Can you reduce travel on Fox 40?

Changing Travel. Travel on the 40 can be changed from 8” to 6” in 1/2” increments by rearranging the four internal travel spacers inside the left leg of the fork. With the proper tools and oil, changing travel can be done in about 15 minutes.

How long does a Fox fork last?

Fox recommends that the minimum suspension fork and shock service is 125 hours of use, yearly, or whichever comes first. That is certainly on the longer side of things. Similar to changing the oil in your car, the more frequently you service your suspension, the better the fork will perform for longer.

Which is better RockShox or Fox?

Key points when comparing Fox and RockShox
– Both Fox and RockShox offer a range of suspension forks from lightweight XC race forks to long-travel downhill forks. – Results: RockShox dominates World Cup XC, while Fox is tops in World Cup DH racing.

Can you reduce travel on FOX 40?

How long does a FOX fork last?

Is Kashima coating worth it?

So is it worth getting Kashima Coat? It definitely has some value, so it’s not completely worthless. In general, I believe it is safe to say that it is not worth it on rear shocks, since they generally have low amounts of friction and negligible durability concerns.

Can you increase travel on a Fox 38?

Fox’s 38 Float air shaft allows you to adjust the travel of your fork to suit the bike you’re installing it on. Compatible with all 38 forks 2021 to present.

How do you remove Fox air springs?

How to change the travel on your fork (air shaft assembly swap) – YouTube

Is RockShox or Fox better?

What is the difference between Fox Factory and performance?

Performance has lower grade aluminium uppers with black anodising and cheaper damper options. Performance Elite has higher grade aluminium uppers with black anodising. Factory has higher grade aluminium uppers with kashima. Performance Elite and Factory are only cosmetically different.

What is the purpose of Kashima coating?

Developed by the Japanese Miyaki Company and used exclusively in the bike industry by Fox, Kashima Coat is an anodised layer of molybdenum disulphide imbedded into the surface of an alloy. This provides enhanced lubrication and a harder wearing surface, increasing shock smoothness and sensitivity.

How much is a SAG Fox 38?

15 – 20%
Sag should be set to 15 – 20% of total fork travel
To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper sag setting. Sag is the amount your suspension compresses under your weight and riding gear. Sag range should be set to 15–20% of total fork travel.

How often should Fox forks be serviced?

around once per year
According to Fox Racing Shox, you should be servicing your fork and shock every 125 hours of ride time, or around once per year. If you break it down, this equates to roughly a 2.4 hour ride per week.

Can you use SRAM butter on Fox forks?

Apply Slick Honey/Sram Butter To Dust Seals
When the fork is right side up, a majority of the bath oil finds its way to the bottom of the fork lowers. Slick Honey or Sram Butter is a light grease specifically designed to lubricate the dust seals and stay in place.

What is better RockShox or Fox?

Is Fox Kashima coating worth it?

When did Fox start using Kashima?

The gold Kashima Coat was first introduced on Fox Racing Shox forks in 2011 and has been extended to the company’s top-end shocks for 2012. Now you can upgrade your current Fox fork or shock with this slippery surface treatment, too.

Is the grip2 damper worth it?

Definitely more controlled and has better mid-stroke support but a little less plush off the top and a tad harder on the hands. Ultimately, worth it for the better control and less wallowing during drama terrain at speed. I’ve always been happy with the standard grip dampers even after owning several grip 2 forks.

How do I know if my forks need servicing?

When to service your suspension fork – YouTube

How long do bike shocks last?

If you get new shocks on your bike, they should last about three years with proper care. If it’s been 4 or 5 years and you feel like they need to be replaced, replace them! It might also make sense to get a tune-up of your bike and check other parts as well to make sure everything is working properly.

How often should FOX forks be serviced?