How much is a Suzuki DS 80 worth?

How much is a Suzuki DS 80 worth?


Excellent $1,050
Very Good $610
Good $365
Fair $165
Poor N/A

What is a DS 80?

The original DS-80 was produced in 1978. This little yellow dirt bike was built for youngsters and beginners. It started easily and ran dependably, but lost a little power on hills. The bike had a 79-cc air-cooled, single cylinder, two-stroke, five-speed engine that ran at a top 7,500 RPM.

How big is a DS 80?


Resolution 300 x 600 dpi
Paper 130 sheets/roll (8″ x 10″) 110 sheets/roll (8″ x 12″)
Power AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions(WxDxH) 12.6″ x 14″ x 6.06″

When was the Suzuki ds80 made?

Suzuki DS 80 General Information
Brand Suzuki
Model Suzuki DS 80
Start year 1988
Year 1988

How many cc is a DS80?

Drive Train The Suzuki DS80 has a 644 cc, single-cylinder four-stroke engine, with a 3.9-inch bore and an 3.2-inch stroke. The engine’s compression ratio is 9.5:1. The motor is air- and oil-cooled.

How tall is a Suzuki jr80?

Slim, lightweight overall design, and 685mm high, slim seat, provide maximum manoeuvrability. Smooth surface lines extended from the fuel-tank cover to the seat and rear fender help the rider to learn weight shifting and balancing as well as presenting a sporty and refined off-road styling.

How much does a JR80 cost?

With 5 speed transmission and clutch, two stroke power with no premix requirement, 5 preload settings to suit a growing rider, point free electronic ignition for easy starts and over a decade of manufacturing. $3,190.00 $2,990.00 6% off!

What age is a Suzuki JR80 for?

A real off-road machine for youngsters Suzuki JR80, the bike designed for young riders, in the 7-10 age group, who have gone beyond their ‘first’ bike. The 2-stroke engine has more than enough power to satisfy, and the 5-speed transmission helps put the power smoothly to the ground.

Does a JR80 have a clutch?

The JR80 is a fantastic bike for a youngster to learn the clutch on. My son spent last summer on a JR80 having spent the previous summer on a Honda 50. He learned the clutch very quickly and we had a ball riding together last year: on a track, in the woods, on fire roads . . . you name it.

Is JR80 good bike?

Great value The Suzuki JR80 is an excellent first bike and I would recommend it to anyone.

What years were PW80?

What Is A Yamaha PW80? Yamaha made this bike from 1983 up to 2006 and it’s one of those youth bikes that’s just proven to be very reliable. It’s an 80cc, two-stroke, air-cooled, kick start bike.

Is JR80 a 2 stroke?

How many gears does a JR80 have?

What kind of engine does a 2000 Suzuki ds80 have?

2000 SUZUKI DS80 Suzuki DS80, 2000. Great Deal !!!! Suzuki Champion Yellow with a 80cc 2-stroke single-cylinder engine, 5-speed transmission, PRO-Link oil-damped rear suspension with 5 preload settings, Mikuni carb, headlight, tail-light, only 5 hours, runs great. For additional information, pricing, and to view similar models in our Daily-

Is your 1979 Suzuki ds80 fully restored and ready to ride?

Fully Restored and Ready to Ride! You are bidding on a fully restored 1979 Suzuki DS80 Motorcycle/Minibike. Bike was totally restored a few years ago, including fresh paint, etc. Has been in storage for past 2-3 years, so needs some general cleaning, fluid change, etc, but still in incredible condition.

What are the dimensions of a DSDS 80?

DS 80 1998 Overall Length: 1 580 mm (62.2 in) Overall Width: 730 mm (28,7 in) Overall Height: 940 mm (37.0 in) Seat Height: 650 mm (25.6 in) Wheelbase 1 060 mm (41.7 in) Ground Clearance: 325 mm (12,8 in) Dry Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) Engine type: Air-cooled 79 cc 1-cylinder 2-stroke. Click on the image for larger format.

What kind of bike is the 2001 Suzuki jr80?

2001 Suzuki JR80, STOCK BIKE – For 2001, we set our R&D department loose on the popular Suzuki DS80 with directions to make it more exciting than ever. The result is a bike so thoroughly refined that we had to give it a new name: the 2001 JR80. The first thing you’ll notice about the JR80 is its awesome new styling.