How much does a Brazilian wax cost Australia?

How much does a Brazilian wax cost Australia?


Full Leg $45.00
Extended Bikini – high brief bikini $28.00
Brazilian – around labia, into bottom $40.00
XXX – over labia, into bottom $50.00
Full Arms $35.00

Are Brazilians waxes worth it?

Are There Any Benefits to Getting a Brazilian Wax? Definitely. The results last much longer than shaving and other hair removal methods and the process gradually leaves your hair thinner and finer. You don’t have to worry about dreaded razor bumps or irritation.

How long does a full Brazilian last?

about three to six weeks
Brazilian waxes last about three to six weeks. The best thing you can do for your skin is to wax regularly. The more you do it, the longer the results last. If you wait longer or only get waxed a couple times a year, it will be much more painful.

Where’s the best Brazilian waxing salon in Brisbane QLD?

Here’s our pick for the top Brazilian waxing salons in Brisbane, QLD. Bliss Beauty & Skin Therapy is a modern massage and beauty spa. Services on offer include tanning, waxing, massage, mobile spa packages and various beauty treatments for radiant skin.

What is a Brazilian wax?

Now known by many different names, such as XXX Wax, Hollywood Wax, Full Bikini or Manzilian (for the Males)… the Brazilian Wax refers to the removal of all, or most of, the hair from the pubic area using a waxing technique that will leave the skin in the area silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Where can I get a pre-summer wax in Brisbane?

The fab Brisbane waxers at Eyelure also offer affordable packages with combined treatments, so you can emerge from your winter-time, woolly mammoth state with your purse intact. Our new favourite hidden gem, the College of Natural Beauty Clinic is one of the most affordable places to undergo your pre-summer routine.

How long does a Brazilian waxing treatment take?

A Brazilian waxing treatment can range from 20 to 30 minutes depending on hair growth and type. However, we will take as much time that is needed to achieve the very best result for you.

How much is a full pubic wax?

Bikini wax pricing can vary depending on the salon, the type of wax used, and whether you’re having just the bikini line waxed, the entire area waxed (aka a Brazilian), or something in-between. But on average you should expect to pay somewhere around $30–$50 for a traditional bikini wax.

Is Brazilian wax very painful?

Some feel slight pain, some feel none. But the pain will never be completely unbearable and the discomfort is it’s worth it and that it gets better with each session. If you’re feeling uneasy, just speak with your wax pro before your appointment and she will provide you with a complete education on the process.

How much painful is Brazilian wax?

Answer: That really depends on you and your pain tolerance. It stings in the moment, and might be a little sensitive once you’re done, but I wouldn’t say that it actually hurts for any significant amount of time. It could be sensitive for a day or two at the absolute most.

Are Brazilian waxes worth it?

How do I prepare for my first Brazilian?

How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Bikini Wax

  1. Please shower before your appointment.
  2. Hair must be a quarter of an inch (about 10-14 days of growth) to adhere correctly to the wax.
  3. Resist the urge to shave between sessions.
  4. Gently exfoliate the night before or take a warm bath to prep the skin before your wax.
  5. Chill.

What do I need to know before my first Brazilian?

What to do before your first Brazilian appointment

  • Take a warm shower before your wax to open up your pores.
  • Use a loofah to exfoliate your skin and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid gels, lotions and oils before your wax as it may interfere with hair removal.
  • Avoid tanning 24 hours before your wax.

Is it worth getting Brazilian wax?

Is there a Brazilian waxing in Australia?

We’re proud to be the pioneers of Brazilian waxing in Australia and still deliver the best results. BOOK NOW READ MORE IPL Hair Removal See the experts in advanced hair removal.

Why choose Brazilian waxing at Brazilian butterfly?

As the pioneers of Brazilian waxing in Australia, we’re known for our quick and professional service. Sunless spray tans are the healthy way to maintain a rich, natural-looking tan all year round. If you’re over the waxing and shaving or want to dramatically reduce the hair growth, it might be time to get into IPL at Brazilian Butterfly.

Are we stuck in a Brazilian wax bubble?

We’re stuck in a Brazilian bubble. We do Brazilian waxing all day, every day, and often forget that not everyone is as familiar with the different types of Brazilian waxes as we are. Read Full Article Services From the blog How To Get The Most Out Of IPL In Summer

What services do Brazilian butterfly salons offer?

In addition to our specialist services, Brazilian Butterfly salons also offer a range of services to compliment your beauty regime. With over 20 years’ experience and salons all over Australia. From standard and specialty waxing, to IPL, spray tan applications and exclusive skin care products, we’ve got you covered!