How many seats DMK won in 2016?

How many seats DMK won in 2016?


Parties and Coalitions Votes Seats
Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) 13,670,511 89
Indian National Congress (DMK) 2,774,075 8
Indian Union Muslim League (DMK) 313,808 1

How many MLA are there in up 2017?

The election results for all 403 Legislative Assembly seats were declared on 11 March 2017.

Who won the 16 Tamil Nadu legislative assembly election?

The Sixteenth Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election was held on 6 April 2021, to elect representatives from the 234 constituencies in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) won the election, ending the decade-long reign of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK).

Which election is coming up in Tamil Nadu 2022?

The Greater Chennai Corporation, alongside 20 other municipal corporations of Tamil Nadu, went to polling on 19 February 2022 to elect councillors to represent the wards in the respective cities; the elected councillors will choose a mayor from amongst themselves.

How wealthy is Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is the second richest and largest economical state in India and is the most industrialised state in the country. More than 60% of the state is urbanized, accounting over 10.6% of the urban population in the country, while only comprising 6% of India’s total population.

Who is the youngest MLA in Tamilnadu?

MGR for MGR’S Youth wing of ADMK in Coimbatore District. Two years later, he was selected as a candidate for MLA for Kangeyam Legislative Thiruppur District. He won the election with a vote difference of around 16,000 and became the youngest person to be seated as MLA in Tamil Nadu, at the age of 25.

How many MLA are there in Tamilnadu?

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has a strength of 234 members of whom are democratically elected using the First-past-the-post system. The presiding officer of the Assembly is the Speaker.

How many seats did BJP won in 2019?

The Bharatiya Janata Party received 37.36% of the vote, the highest vote share by a political party since the 1989 general election, and won 303 seats, further increasing its substantial majority.

How many MLA are in Tamil Nadu?

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has a strength of 234 members of whom are democratically elected using the First-past-the-post system.

How many seats DMK won in 1996?

1996 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

Alliance United Front (India) Congress alliance
Leader’s seat Chepauk Bargur (lost)
Seats won 221 4
Seat change 219 216

Who is the MLA of Trichy?

Tiruchirappalli West Assembly constituency

Tiruchirappalli (West)
Total electors 2,69,194
Reservation General
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA K. N. Nehru

What is the next election in Tamil Nadu?

The present Sixteenth Legislative Assembly was constituted on May 2, 2021. It was constituted after the 2021 assembly election, which resulted in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) led front winning and forming the government. The next election will take place in 2026.

Who is the richest tamilian?

According to Forbes’ 2017 Billionaires List, Tamil Nadu’s Shiv Nadar is the richest Tamil in the world. Ranking at #102 out of 2,043 billionaires, the 71-year-old’s net worth is estimated at $12.8B.

Who is No 1 richest in Tamil Nadu?

Top 5 Richest Persons In Tamil Nadu 2022

  • 1) Shiv Nadar (₹ 1,22,315 Crore) shiv nadar.
  • 2) Ananda Krishnan (₹ 54,277 Crore) ananda krishnan.
  • 3) Senapathy Kris Gopalakrishnan (₹ 22,169 Crore) senapathy kris gopalakrishnan.
  • 4) Kalanithi Maran (₹ 18,347 Crore) kalanithi maran.
  • 5) Arunachalam Vellayan (₹ 6,153 Crore)

What is the salary of CM in Tamil Nadu?

Chief Ministers, MLAs and MLCs

State CM Basic Pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
Punjab ₹230,000 (US$2,900) (+Salary received as MLA)
Goa ₹220,000 (US$2,800) (+Salary received as MLA)
Bihar ₹215,000 (US$2,700) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)
Tamil Nadu ₹205,000 (US$2,600) (+Salary received as MLA)

How many IAS are there in Tamil Nadu?

As of now, there are 19 IAS officers from Tamil Nadu cadre with the Centre, out of the 300-odd officers. Thus, there is a big chance for many more IAS officers of the Tamil Nadu cadre being taken out of the state by the Centre. Though Chief Minister M.K.

How many MLA are there in Tamil Nadu 2022?

In addition to the 234, the assembly also has one nominated member representing the Anglo-Indian community.

Who is the MLA of Ooty?

Udagamandalam Assembly constituency

Current MLA R. Ganesh
Party INC
Alliance SPA
Elected year 2021

How many MP seats won BJP in 2014?

The results of the election were declared on 16 May 2014. The Bharatiya Janata Party (of the NDA) achieved an absolute majority with 282 seats out of 543, 166 seats more than in the previous 15th Lok Sabha. Its PM candidate Narendra Modi took office on 26 May 2014 as the 14th prime minister of India.

How many seats did BJP win in 2014?

Prime Minister after election

The counting exercise was held at 989 counting centres. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) received 31% of the vote and won 282 seats, while its National Democratic Alliance won a total of 336 seats.

Who is the MP of Chennai?

Chennai Central Lok Sabha constituency

Chennai Central
Incumbent Dayanidhi Maran
Parliamentary Party DMK
Elected Year 2019 Election
Constituency Details

How many seats DMK won in 1967?

DMK and its coalition allies won 179 seats (76.5%). The Indian National Congress won 51 seats (21.8%). Four candidates of the Naam Thamizhar Party led by S. P. Adithanar and two candidates of Tamil Arasu Kazhagam led by M. P.

Who won 1996 election?

Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton defeated former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, the Republican nominee, and Ross Perot, the Reform Party nominee.

What is the famous of Trichy?

Tiruchirappalli is internationally known for a brand of cheroot known as the Trichinopoly cigar, which was exported in large quantities to the United Kingdom during the 19th century.

How many MP are there in Tamil Nadu?


As on 25th July, 2019
1 Tmt. Sasikala Pushpa, W/o. Thiru. T. Lingeswara Thilagan, A.I.A.D.M.K. 02.04.2014
2 Thiru. K. Selvaraj, S/o. Thiru. Karaiya Gowder, A.I.A.D.M.K. 02.04.2014
3 Thiru. Tiruchi Siva, S/o. Thiru. R. Natesan, D.M.K. 02.04.2014