How many sea ports are in India?

How many sea ports are in India?

India has 13 major ports and 205 notified minor and intermediate ports.

Which is the No 1 port in India?

Mumbai Port is India’s largest port by size and shipping traffic. Located in west Mumbai on the western coast of India, the Mumbai Port is situated in a natural harbor. The water reaches depths of 10-12 meters, allowing easy docking and passage for large cargo ships.

What are 13 major ports in India?

What are the 13 major ports of India?

  • Chennai- Tamil Nadu.
  • Kochi- Kerala.
  • Ennore-Tamil Nadu.
  • Kolkata-West Bengal.
  • Kandla-Gujarat.
  • Mangalore-Karnataka.
  • Mormugao-Goa.
  • Mumbai Port Trust-Maharashtra.

What are the 14 major ports in India?

14 Major Sea Ports in India

  • Nhava Sheva Port:
  • Kolkata Port:
  • V.O. Chidambaranar Port:
  • Kandla Port:
  • Mumbai Port:
  • Vishakapatnam Port:
  • Cochin Port:
  • Port Blair Port:

Which is the newest port in India?

Mormugao Port: The main port in India for the export of iron ore is Mormugao in Goa. Port Blair Port: India’s 13th and newest major port, Port Blair, was designated as such in 2010.

Which is the oldest sea port in India?

Kolkata Port Trust

Kolkata Port Trust, India’s oldest port, to lease area as big as London Docklands.

Which is deepest port in India?

Visakhapatnam port in the state of Andhra Pradesh is the deepest port in India with a natural depth of above 16.5 meters. Further Reading: Major Ports in India. Indian Geography Notes.

Which is the private port in India?

Mundra Port is the largest private port of India located on the north shores of the Gulf of Kutch near Mundra, Kutch district, Gujarat.

Mundra Port
Adani Mundra Port
Country India
Location Mundra

Which is India’s deepest port?

Which is busiest port in India?

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT)
The JNPT, also known as Nhava Sheva port, is the busiest container port in India with an annual traffic of 5 million TEU. It is the only Indian port to be featured in the world’s top 30 and has seen a steady increase in its traffic for past five years.

Which is artificial port of India?

Detailed Solution. Tuticorin Port is an artificial deep-sea harbour of India.