How many daily newspapers are there in Srinagar?

How many daily newspapers are there in Srinagar?

10. According to Department of Information and Public Relations, there are 201 Newspapers published from Jammu and 171 Newspapers published from Kashmir Division….Here is a list of leading newspapers in J&K.

S. No. Jammu Newspapers
1. Daily Excelsior
2. Kashmir Times
3. State Times
4. Early Times

Which is the oldest newspaper of Jammu and Kashmir?

The first issue of Ranbir was published on 24 June 1924. Ranbir would become the first daily newspaper in Jammu and Kashmir. The newspaper was printed at the Government Press. Instantly after its foundation, the paper gained a wide readership in the state.

Who is owner of Greater Kashmir?

GK Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Greater Kashmir

Owner(s) GK Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Publisher GK Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Rashid Makhdoomi)
Editor-in-chief Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo
Founded 1987, 33 years ago
Political alignment Independent

Who is owner of Kashmir Times?

Later, Ved Bhasin founded the Kashmir Times in 1955, which started as a weekly and in 1971, it was converted into a full-fledged daily.

What is 35A in Kashmir?

Article 35A of the Indian Constitution was an article that empowered the Jammu and Kashmir state’s legislature to define “permanent residents” of the state and provide special rights and privileges to them.

Why Jammu and Kashmir was dismantled?

Body Government of Jammu and Kashmir

  • Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha
  • Chief Minister Vacant
  • Parliamentary constituency Rajya Sabha (4) Lok Sabha (5)
  • Total 12,267,013
  • Density 290/km 2 (750/sq mi) Languages
  • Spoken
  • How is Jammu different than Kashmir culturally?

    • Jammu has a Hindu dominated population, while Kashmir has a Muslim dominated population. • Jammu is also called city of temples with Vaishno Devi temple, a very famous Hindu shrine being situated in the city of Katra. On the other hand, Kashmir is famous for its scenic beauty and mountainous regions.

    Why Jammu and Kashmir is called as only Kashmir?

    The name Kashmir means the desiccated land (Ka= water, shimeera= desiccated) from its formation. The Greek attempt to write the same word gave it the name Kaspeiria. Chinese monks who visited Kashmir in 631 AD called it Kia-shi-mi-lo. In Tibet, the valley is known by the name Khachal.

    What are some lesser known facts about Jammu and Kashmir?

    – The name Dehradun dates back in the year 1676. When Guru Ram Rai laid a Dera In Dun valley and hence the name Dera-Dun, later evolved as Dehradun. – Talking about the weather, that Doon’ites boast about, it can literally rain any moment. – Accommodates a hell lot of organisations like ONGC, LBSNA