How is New Zealand education system?

How is New Zealand education system?

Most children stay at school until they’re around 17 years old. The education system for schools is made up of 13 Year levels. Your child’s primary education starts at Year 1 and goes to Year 8 (around 5–12 years of age). Your child’s secondary education goes from Year 9 to Year 13 (around 13–17 years of age).

Does New Zealand have the best education system?

New Zealand has been rated by the Legatum Prosperity Index ( as having the best education system in the world. 82% of people surveyed in the report said they were satisfied wit the quality of education in New Zealand.

Where does NZ rank in education?

Education Rankings by Country 2022

Country Rank (2021) Rank (2020)
Netherlands 10 9
New Zealand 11 14
Denmark 12 10
Norway 13 12

Which country has the best education system OECD?

Estonia is the highest-performing OECD country, with average PISA scores of 526, followed by Japan and Korea with 520 points. The lowest performing OECD country, Colombia, has an average score of 406.

Why does New Zealand have higher education?

With an excellent education system, internationally accredited qualifications, ample research opportunities and a matchless quality of life, New Zealand has a lot to offer. While studying here, you can be assured of a welcoming and friendly society with an excellent support system for international students.

What is New Zealand’s literacy rate?

Some 11.8% of adults in New Zealand attain only Level 1 or below in literacy proficiency (a smaller proportion than the average of 18.9% of adults across OECD countries) and 18.9% attain only Level 1 or below in numeracy (a slightly smaller proportion than the OECD average of 22.7%).

What is New Zealand ranked in the world?


Rank Country Overall
1 Singapore 84.4
2 Switzerland 84.2
3 Ireland 82.0
4 New Zealand 80.6

What country is #1 in education?

For a second consecutive year, the United States has remained the No. 1 best country for education.

Which country has the best education in the world 2021?

Which country has the best education system in the world?

Rank Country Quality Index
1 United States 78.2
2 United Kingdom 72
3 Australia 70.5
4 Netherlands 70.3

Why is New Zealand better than other countries?

In the 2020 Global Peace Index survey, New Zealand is ranked the second most peaceful country in the world, in terms of societal safety and security.

Is it better to study in UK or New Zealand?

The New Zealand education system is in fact based on the UKs with a shared focus on research-based teaching.

Top universities.

University World ranking New Zealand ranking
Auckland University of Technology 201-250 2nd
University of Otago 201-250 3rd
University of Waikato 401-500 4th
University of Canterbury 501-600 5th

What country is #1 in literacy?

Top 10 Most Literate Countries in the World:

Ukraine – 2012 – 99.97% San Marino – 2018 – 99.92% Latvia – 2018 – 99.89% Estonia – 2011 – 99.89%

What country is number 1 in literacy?

Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is the country with the highest literacy rate as of 2018, with over 99.99% of its population able to read and write. Males ages 15 and above are reported to have a 100% literacy rate, while adult females have a 99.99% literacy rate.

Where does NZ rank in OECD?

New Zealand ranked 24th out of 38 OECD countries in terms of the tax-to-GDP ratio in 2020. In 2020, New Zealand had a tax-to-GDP ratio of 32.2% compared with the OECD average of 33.5%. In 2019, New Zealand was also ranked 24th out of the 38 OECD countries in terms of the tax-to-GDP ratio.

What is NZ number 1 in the world in?

Ease of Doing Business Index, ranked 1st overall in 2019 out of 185 countries, 1st in the sub-categories of Starting a Business and Getting Credit.

What country is #1 in math?

Top Ten Countries with the Highest Math Ranking:
United States — 45.8% United Kingdom — 6.3% Germany — 6% France — 5.3%

What is Australia ranked in education?

In the early 2000s, Australia ranked fourth among OECD nations for reading, eighth for science and 11th in maths. In 2018, the country’s rank fell to 16th in reading, 17th in science and 29th in maths.

Which country has toughest education?

Which country has toughest education?

  • South Korea.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Finland.

Where does NZ rank in the world?

Is NZ better than Australia?

In 2019, New Zealand was ranked as the second safest country in the world. New Zealand has a lower crime rate than Australia. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any snakes!

What are the disadvantages of studying in New Zealand?

Cons of New Zealand

  • Cataclysms. New Zealand is located in the geologically active zone of the Pacific Volcanic Ring of Fire.
  • Living Costs. As any developed country, New Zealand has high living costs compared to the CIS countries.
  • Real Estate.
  • Transport.
  • Remoteness.
  • Police Inaction.
  • Culture.
  • Social Stratification.

Is New Zealand better than Canada?

New Zealand is a peaceful and clean country, with a great climate in comparison to Canada. New Zealand also offers you better study, work, and business opportunities but at some point, it lags behind Canada.

Is there any country with 100% literacy rate?

1. North Korea. Isolated from the world, North Korea has topped the list for the highest literacy rate of 100%. With a growth rate of 0.46%, the country has developed over the years to boost the literacy rate.

Where is NZ ranked in the world?

How does NZ rank in the world?

New Zealand is 8th in the overall Prosperity Index rankings.