How is Aero chocolate made?

How is Aero chocolate made?

The patent describes how the chocolate is heated and then aerated to create small bubbles. It is poured into moulds of the solid outer chocolate shell. As the chocolate cools, reduced air pressure allows the bubbles to expand inside the bar’s filling.

How is airy chocolate made?

During manufacturing the fluid chocolate mass is foamed with a propellant, and then cooled in a low pressure environment. As the bubbles of gas expand they cool and help set the chocolate. This helps to maintain an even bubble distribution within the chocolate.

What are aero bars made of?

Aero bars are manufactured in nut-free services. They are made in a number of discrete stages beginning with deposition of unaerated shell chocolate into the bar moulds. A frozen cone shaped to fit into the bar is then pushed down to spread the liquid chocolate into the entire mould and set it.

Is Aero halal?

None of the AERO® products are halal certified.

What is inside a mint Aero?

Smooth milk chocolate filled with peppermint flavoured bubbles. Aero® is the bubbly chocolate bar made purely from milk chocolate – and it’s perfect for sharing.

Does Aero chocolate melt?

Spread the joy of smooth, bubbly milk chocolate with Aero® Melts chocolate sharing bag. Every button is a bitesize piece of our famous aerated milk chocolate. These delightfully bubbly buttons of delicious chocolate are perfect for sharing, whether you’re watching a film with your family or catching up with friends.

What are AERO bars made of?

Where is Aero chocolate made?

Aero bars, eggs and Christmas pies are all produced at the Nestle’ Rowntree factory in York.

Is Aero vegetarian?

Our iconic, effortless, melt-in-the-mouth aerated chocolate. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. With a smooth milk chocolate shell and a light, bubbly peppermint centre, Aero® Peppermint is refreshingly minty.

Does Aero contain gluten?

Aero. Aero is manufactured by Nestle and the following Aero products are gluten-free: Aero Mint, Aero Mint Bubbles, Aero Milk, Aero Minis and Aero White. So you can enjoy Aeros dreamy aerated chocolate bars or balls without any worries.

Is Aero suitable for vegans?

No, AERO® contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Is AERO® vegan? None of the AERO® products are suitable for a vegan diet.

Can you melt Aero Bubbles?

Melt it in a double boiler or in the microwave. Once it’s melted, pour it over the top of your rocky road. Cut the Mint Aero bubbles in rough halves and sprinkle them over the top of your rocky road. If you want, keep some back, melt them into some of your white chocolate and drizzle it over the top.

What is Aero packaging made of?

Ingredients: Sugar, Milk Solids, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat [Emulsifier ( Soy Lecithin)], Emulsifiers ( Soy Lecithin, 476), Flavour. Contains Milk and Soy.

What are Aero bars made of?

What is Aero chocolate?

AERO made in Canada has been made with natural flavours since 2011. These discs, also known as French chocolate mendicants, make… 15 mins. AERO Truffle chocolate is the perfect pairing for this… 10 mins. 20 mins. Fall + bubbly hot chocolate are so mint to be, don’t you… 5 mins.

Can I use Aero Milk chocolate bars to make a fondu?

Add Aero Milk Chocolate bars to make a Fondu. We all know any chocolate can be used in a Fondue, but you really need to try Aero Chocolate as a melt.

What is the history of the Aero chocolate bar slogan?

In the late 1980s, the slogan “Each Aero Chocolate Bar Has The Nourishment Of Almost Three Ounces Of Milk” was created by Toronto advertiser John Straiton.

What is the difference between Aero White and milk chocolate?

The Aero White, with a milk chocolate outer and a white bubbly centre, was launched permanently in 2001. Milk Chocolate with Cranberry Flavor [sic] was a limited edition release in 2000 and 2001, with a milk chocolate with a white chocolate flavour and a cranberry flavoured bubbly centre.