How good is the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200?

How good is the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200?

The Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere is a cruiser! It has plenty of good off-road performance and is also a formidable road and touring bike too. You can take it anywhere and travel any roads on this bike and it’ll do it without making a fuss because it’s a dependable machine. The Ten is reliable, fun and versatile.

Where is the Yamaha Super Tenere made?

The Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Corporation, that was launched in 2010. The XT1200Z is the largest in a series of dual-sport Yamaha motorcycles named after the Ténéré, a desert region in the south central Sahara.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha Super Tenere have?

110 HP

Using a 1,199cc parallel-twin jam packed with technology and knowledge from desert racing, the 2021 model year Super Tenere ES gets 110 HP and 84 lb-ft of desert crushing torque.

How fast is a Yamaha Super Tenere?

Top Speed: 148 mph (Est.)

Is Yamaha Super Tenere being discontinued?

Well-Known Member. Unfortunately the Tenere has been mostly pretty difficult to sell that’s the main reason they most likely will be dropping it from the lineup .

Did Yamaha discontinue the Super Tenere?

Model history
2021 – Yamaha opted not to update the Ténéré 1200’s parallel-twin engine for Euro5 emissions regs and so the model is discontinued.

Will there be a 2022 Super Tenere?

Inside all of us is a spirit of adventure that’s just waiting to be set free. And when the urge to break out of the daily routine becomes irresistible, this high-tech explorer is ready to take you wherever you want.

Is Yamaha making a new Super Tenere?

Yamaha’s Super Ténéré ES carries into 2022 bringing all the adventure capability that gave the Ténéré its name. A compact 1,199 cc parallel-twin engine coupled with the wide-ratio six-speed transmission takes you over hill and dale and back to the pavement with aplomb.

Will Yamaha update the Super Tenere?

Well, the Super Tenere (along with the venerable and excellent FJR1300) have been discontinued by Yamaha, as they won’t be updated to Euro5 compliance. What do you think Yamaha will do next? They are usually slow – as in a couple of model years minimum – between cancellation and replacement models.

What does Ténéré mean?

The name Ténéré comes from the Tuareg language, meaning “desert”, in much the same way that the Arabic word for “desert”, Sahara, came to be applied to the region as a whole.

How do you pronounce Tenere?

How to Pronounce “Tenere” – YouTube

How much is a Tenere 700?

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Pricing
MSRP is $10.3k and comes in a choice between Team Yamaha Blue and Raven. MSRP for 2022 is $10,299 for any color you choose. Yamaha offers the Ténéré 700 on Team Yamaha Blue or Raven this year.

What does Tenere mean?

How many miles will a Tenere 700 last?

The Yamaha Tenere 700 has one of the most reliable engines in the adventure bike class, and the simplicity of the bike adds to its overall reliability. With attention to fluids, valves, filters and clutch disks, a Yamaha Tenere 700 will perform reliably for over 75,000 miles.

Is the Yamaha Super Tenere discontinued?

Since 2020 the Super Tenere has no longer been producing a new model. They are going to use the tooling and what they have left until it is no more. It was a great bike while it lasted. Almost a 9 year run and one model change is impressive for a bike in this segment.

Is Yamaha Tenere good for long distance?

Long distance comfort
I can do 560 miles in a day on T7 and won’t turn into a vegetable. It’s not as comfortable as the Honda CB500X but it’s very close. The vibration is kept very low compared to both the AJP and CB500X. The power is just about right for me to get away or overtake when fully loaded.

How many miles will a Super Tenere go?

The first time was around 60,000 miles. The 12 and 13s had a junk cam chain tensioner in them and wouldn’t last more than about 75,000 miles. I put a manual tensioner in mine so there is no chance of failure.

What is a Euro5 engine?

Euro 5 Engine
Every van registered from October 2009 onwards has had to meet the current Euro 5 standard which states the maximum limits of NOx and CO2 that are permissible. Euro 5 engines focused largely on carbon dioxide emissions.

How many miles will Yamaha Ténéré 700 last?

As a simple and efficient dual-sport motorcycle, a well-kept Tenere 700 can last over 75,000 miles if its owner maintains, rides and stores it per Yamaha’s recommendations. A clean air filter, consistent oil changes, and frequent servicing will keep the Tenere 700 lasting for years.

Is the Tenere 700 worth the money?

2022 Yamaha Ténéré 700: The Verdict
The T7 is just a big, reliable, fun dirt bike with an ergonomic design for long-distance riding and a price point that makes it one of the best value motorcycles on the market.

Is Euro 3 or Euro 4 better?

The main difference between Euro 3 and Euro 4 is that the amount of pollutants allowed has been greatly reduced utilising Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), and that all bikes must now have Combined or Automatic braking systems (CBS/ABS).

Is Euro 4 or Euro 5 better?

The three measures common to both standards are carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide (NOx), while the new measure for Euro 5 is non-methane hydrocarbons. Under Euro 4, a motorcycle could emit no more than 1140 mg/km of carbon monoxide, but this now drops to a maximum of just 1000 mg/km under Euro 5.

Is the Ténéré 700 worth the money?

How many miles will a Ténéré 700 last?

Will there be a Euro 7 diesel?

The Euro 7 emissions standard will be brought in from 2025 and is expected to be the final iteration of this type of legislation surrounding vehicle emissions.