How far will a macerator toilet pump?

How far will a macerator toilet pump?

The unit pumps the effluent upward to 15 feet and/or 150 feet horizontally (with gravity fall). Once the water level in the container goes down, the micro switch deactivates the unit until the flush is activated again.

How long does a toilet macerator last?

The general rule about macerators, is that the machine is an added 2nd toilet and is only built good enough for small amount of traffic, which should at least last for up to 15 years depending on the use. In an average used home as a main bathroom, then you would expect a macerator to last about 10 years.

How many amps does a macerator pump use?

12V Draw Macerator Pump

Amperage 16 Amps at 12 Volts
Capacity 12 Gallons per Minute
Diameter 1 1/2″ Barb
Dimensions 3 3/8″ Height x 4 5/8″ Width x 11″ Length
Material Nylon Body

What size pipe comes out of a macerator?

Macerator manufacturers normally recommend diameters from ¾” to 1½”. The ¾” diameter may be the cheapest alternative, but the high-speed flow increases the piping friction loss.

How far can a saniflo pump waste?

The waste is pumped through 50mm pipework.It pumps up to 11m vertically or 100m horizontally or a lesser combination of vertical and horizontal.

Can a macerator pump run dry?

Self-priming pump with stainless steel wear plate. Fully enclosed, permanent magnet-type motor. Can run dry without damage.

Does a macerating toilet need to be vented?

Unless you’re using a SaniCOMPACT, which doesn’t require venting, you’ll need to vent the macerator pump into your home’s vent system.

What size pipe is best for Saniflo?

All of Saniflo products require an 1-1/2 inch vent pipe, which must be vented to the main vent stack as per plumbing codes.

Can you put bleach down a Saniflo toilet?

Alternatives simply don’t do as a good a job, and can in fact damage the internal operations of the unit. For example, regular use of ordinary household bleach or other toilet cleaners will damage the rubber membrane which covers the pressure switch that governs when your SANIFLO macerator unit turns itself on and off.

Do macerating toilets need a roof vent?

Unless you’re using a SaniCOMPACT, which doesn’t require venting, you’ll need to vent the macerator pump into your home’s vent system. This tends to be the biggest surprise with a Saniflo installation, but keep in mind that you can vent the toilet anywhere.

Is a macerator pump self priming?

The Jabsco 22130 series AC macerator pump unit is the ideal solution for emptying marine holding tanks when not in a discharge restricted area. Self priming to 5ft this pump will empty a typical 30 gallon (115 litre) holding tank in less than 3 minutes.

What is a macerator pump?

A Macerator Pump is a kind of pump that is connected to a toilet (or in some cases included in the toilet itself if you buy a macerator toilet) that grinds up solid waste so that it can be pumped against gravity more effectively.