How do I upload to YouTube?

How do I upload to YouTube?

If you’re on the channel dashboard you can click the upload icon in the top right or you can click the create icon then upload.

How do I create and upload a video to YouTube?

How to upload a YouTube video from Android app

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap the “create” icon.
  3. Select “Upload video.
  4. Choose a video from your gallery.
  5. Hit “Next.”
  6. Enter your video details, including a title and description.
  7. Adjust audience settings; YouTube will ask if your video is made for kids.

How do I upload a video to YouTube from mobile 2022?


  1. Open your YouTube app.
  2. If you’re not signed in, go to the app’s menu and choosing Sign in.
  3. Tap the YouTube guide icon at the top left of the screen, then choose Uploads from the menu that appears.
  4. Tap the app menu icon and choose Upload.
  5. Select the video you want to upload.

Why can’t I upload my video to YouTube?

If your video won’t upload to YouTube, it could be because of issues with available bandwidth on the network you’re using. On other occasions, an extremely high volume of upload traffic by other users can delay or impede your video upload.

Where is the upload button on YouTube?

After logging in to YouTube, choose the upload arrow button near the upper right hand corner of the page. From there you will be taken to the Upload page.

How do you upload a video?

YouTube Android app

  1. Open the YouTube app .
  2. Tap Create. Upload a video.
  3. Select the file you’d like to upload and tap NEXT. If your video is 60 seconds or less and has a square or vertical aspect ratio, it will be uploaded as a Short. Learn more.

Can I upload a video to YouTube from my phone?

Launch the YouTube app on your phone and log in to your YouTube (Google) account. Then, from the bar at the bottom of the app, select the “+” (plus) sign. YouTube will open a “Create” menu. Select “Upload a Video” from this menu.

Where is the upload button on YouTube 2022?

How To Upload Videos To YouTube (2022)

Where is the upload button on YouTube app?

What is the upload limit on YouTube?

Maximum upload size

The maximum file size you can upload is 256 GB or 12 hours, whichever is less. We’ve changed the limits on uploads in the past, so you may see older videos that are longer than 12 hours.

What type of video files can you upload to YouTube?

Supported YouTube file formats

  • . MOV.
  • . MPEG-1.
  • . MPEG-2.
  • . MPEG4.
  • . MP4.
  • . MPG.
  • . AVI.
  • . WMV.

How do I upload a video?

Where can I upload videos?

Free video hosting sites

  1. 1. Facebook. Like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook allows you to upload video and host it natively on the site.
  2. YouTube. There isn’t a more popular video hosting site out there.
  3. Vimeo.
  4. Biteable (make and host videos)
  5. Wistia.
  6. SproutVideo.
  7. Brightcove.
  8. Cincopa.

Where is upload button on YouTube?

How do you upload videos on YouTube from your phone?

How to Upload Videos with your Mobile Phone or Tablet (Android …

Do I need a YouTube channel to upload videos?

Even if you have a Google Account, you need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos, comment, or make playlists. You can create your channel on either the YouTube website or the YouTube mobile site.

Why can’t I upload a video longer than 15 minutes on YouTube?

By default, YouTube allows video uploads that are up to 15 minutes long. If you try to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, the upload will fail. This is a YouTube limitation rather than a Brightcove limitation.

How many videos can I upload to YouTube in a day?

Note: You can upload up to 15 videos at a time. Be sure to click Edit on each file to edit your video details.

What is the maximum size video I can upload to YouTube?

256 GB
Maximum upload size

What is the best video size for YouTube?

The Perfect YouTube Video Size for 2019
In general, the ideal YouTube video dimensions for a standard video are 1080p or 1280 x 720. 1080p dimensions give you the professional look. On the other hand, no one wants to run out data. Uploading a 1080p video into YouTube doesn’t need as much of your phone’s data.

How do you upload videos on YouTube for free?

How can I upload videos for free?

The 10 Best Free Video Hosting Sites

  1. YouTube.
  2. Vimeo.
  3. Twitch.
  4. Dailymotion.
  5. Google Drive.
  6. 6. Facebook.
  7. Instagram.
  8. Twitter.

How many videos can I upload to YouTube for free?

Do you get paid if you put a video on YouTube?

How do YouTubers get paid? Data from Forbes shows that the top YouTube earners make 50% of their annual income from ads. You can set up an AdSense account and enable monetization once you create a YouTube channel. You only get paid once you reach $100 in your AdSense account.

When should I upload a video on YouTube?

According to Frederator Networks, the best times to post on YouTube (especially if you target mostly male audiences) are: On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2 till 4 p.m. On Thursdays and Fridays from noon till 3 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m.