How do I set up VeriFone MX915?

How do I set up VeriFone MX915?

To add the MX915 terminal:

  1. Click on Settings > Payment Processing.
  2. Click Configure on the Lightspeed Payments banner.
  3. Under SHOPS, click Add a Payment Terminal for the appropriate shop. A new window displays.
  4. Enter a name for the terminal.
  5. Enter the Activation Code displayed on the terminal’s idle screen.
  6. Click Add.

How do I reset my VeriFone password?

Choose the required role that needs password reset from Security Role drop down (For illustrative purpose Admin option is chosen here. Please follow the same for other applicable roles). Enter the new password to be changed in the ‘Password’ field. Press ‘Save’ button to change the password.

How do I reset my VeriFone Pinpad MX915?

Re-pairing the MX915 with POSIM First, the MX915 terminal will need to be rebooted to acquire the terminal’s IP address. On the terminal’s keypad, hold down the 1,5, and 9 keys simultaneously.

How do I find the IP address of my Verifone mx915?

After typing in the password press the green Enter key on the device’s pin pad. Next, there will be three options displayed on screen: Run App, Logout, and Reboot. Select “Run App.” About one minute after pressing the button, an IP address will be displayed on the display window.

What is VeriFone password?

Enter the password. If your are using the default password, it is 1 alpha alpha 66831. 4.

How do I turn off the password on my VeriFone vx520?

My Verifone Vx 520 has a locked key pad.

  1. Push the eight button again.
  2. Enter the password, which is one, alpha, alpha, six, six, eight, three, one, and enter.
  3. Select ‘no’ to unlock. That will unlock the keyboard, and processing transactions can continue.

How do I reset my PIN pad?

1: Press the 1, 5, and 9 keys on the Credit Card Terminal keypad at the same time. 2: When the password screen comes up after a few seconds, press the X key on the keypad. 3: When the Select Option Key screen comes up press the 1 key on the keypad.

How do I reset my Verifone VX 520?

Step 1. Remove the cover from the back of your device and unplug the power cord. Step 2. Plug the power cord in again, then hold Enter and 7 together to display the password entry screen.

What is the admin password for Ingenico Desk 3500?

The default supervisor password is 999999. Please note: The terminal will require you to change this to a new code of your choosing before you can process any transactions.