How do I redirect a requested page after login?

How do I redirect a requested page after login?

In this scenario, when the user directly clicks on MyFriends, the system will redirect you to the login page, because the system requires a logged in user….Redirect To Clicked Page After Login.

Web Form File Name Descripton
Login.aspx To check the user and password.
Coaching.aspx To display the subject and topic which I teach.

How do I redirect a custom page after login in WordPress?

Simply enter a login URL and logout URL into the ‘All Other Users’ section. Then, click the ‘Save Changes’ button. When a new user signs up on your website, WordPress redirects them to the login page. You can set up a redirect URL to send them to any other page on your website.

How do I automatically redirect to another page in React?

Now we can use the component in React Router v4. Rendering a will navigate to a new location. The new location will override the current location in the history stack, like server-side redirects.

How to make a redirect in PHP?

Diamond answer. You can use the header () function to send a new your code HTTP header,but this must be sent to the browser of your code before

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  • How do I redirect to the current page in PHP?

    $header: This parameter is used to hold the header string.

  • $replace: This parameter is used to hold the replace parameter which indicates the header should replace a previous similar header,or add a second header of the same type.
  • $http_response_code: This parameter hold the HTTP response code.
  • How to redirect a page with HTTP 301 in PHP?

    WordPress 301 Redirect Via htaccess and FTP

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  • How to rewrite JavaScript function with PHP?

    jQuery( document ).ready(function( $ ) { $.fn.addRedBorder = function() { this.find( ‘p’ ).css( ‘border’, ‘1px solid red’ ); return this; }; }); Alternatively, if you want to define the function outside the ready() function (and technically you should because it’s the right thing to do but previous code works too so 90% of you won’t care), use this in order to protect the $ alias and add scope;