How did Antinous look like?

How did Antinous look like?

Ancient works depicting Antinous depict him as a particularly handsome young man, with a characteristic oval face, smooth complexion, deep-set eyes, full lips, and distinctive hairstyle of thick, wavy locks.

What is Antinous known for?

Inscriptions indicate that Antinous was seen primarily as a benevolent deity, who could be turned to aid his worshipers and cure them of ailments. He was also seen as a conqueror of death, with his name and image often being included in coffins. In the west, Antinous was associated with the Celtic sun-god Belenos.

Where is Antinous buried?

The location of Antinous’ tomb is not known. Although it seems most likely that he was buried at Antinoopolis, it has also been suggested that Hadrian brought his body to the Antinoeion, the temple built in his honour at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, outside Rome, which was discovered in 1998.

Who erected statues to Antinous?


Stricken by the death of Antinous, Hadrian, who was an admirer and a passionate devotee of classical Greek Antiquity, and also a patron of the Oracle of Delphi, gave orders that statues of the beautiful young man, whom he had loved so passionately, should be erected in all sanctuaries and cities of his vast empire.

Who was the most handsome Roman emperor?

Augustus Caesar
He certainly posed for enough statues.

Who was the most beautiful ancient Roman?

Messalina was born in one of the patrician families close to the emperor Augustus. At only 15 years old she was already known for her extraordinary beauty and by order of Emperor Caligula she was married to Claudius, who in 41 AD., became emperor.

What is Antinous god of?

Antinous is often shown as one of the Greek or Roman gods, just like in this sculpture, where he is represented as the Greek god Dionysus (or Bacchus for the Romans). You can identify him as Dionysus the god of wine, theatre and parties as he is wearing a wreath around his head made of Ivy and grapes.

What are Antinous character traits?

Antinous is characterized as the arrogant and rude man who does not control his actions and emotions. He creates a battalion to kill Telemachus. This personage keeps the distance and tries not to interact with other characters.

What happened to Antinous?

In the crucial year of 130 CE, Hadrian and Antinous went back to Egypt in October and assembled at Heliopolis for their river cruise along the Nile. It was at this time, around the time of the festival of Osiris, that Antinous fell into the Nile and was drowned.

Where did Antinous drown?

the Nile
But in 130 A.D. the same honor was conferred, not by the senate but by the Emperor Hadrian, on a handsome young Greek named Antinous who had been drowned in the Nile.

How many Antinous statues are there?

‘ Among the 88 sculptures of Antinous that survive from the second century AD – as many as remain of imperial wives and princesses of the time – and the countless modern imitations, the youth emerges as modest yet sensual, godlike yet distinctly fleshly.

Who was the lover of Antinous?

Antinous and Hadrian are the most famous homosexual couple in Roman history. This is part of the Queer Relationships collection. Although Hadrian was married, ancient sources reveal that he also had several homosexual relationships.

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What did the ideal Roman woman look like?

Both for women and men, Romans inherited the Greek standards about symmetry and harmony. Beautiful bodies were proportioned in shape, limbs and face. The ideal of beauty for women was small, thin but robust constitution, narrow shoulders, pronounced hips, wide thighs and small breasts.

What did Romans consider attractive?

The beautiful woman was short, slim, but with a strong physique, narrow shoulders, pronounced hips, wide thighs and small breasts. The face, in turn, should have large eyes, a sharp nose, medium lips and ears, oval cheeks and chin.

What does Antinous symbolize?

an ideal of youthful manly beauty, from the name of the favourite of the Roman emperor Hadrian so famous in ancient art.

What kind of suitor is Antinous?

Antinous is the most disrespectful of the suitors and is the one who devises a plan to murder Telemachus upon his return to Ithaca.

Is Antinous a god?

What was the age difference between Hadrian and Antinous?

He probably met Hadrian at a young age, around 12 or 13, when Hadrian sent him to become a page and educate him in Rome. However, their romantic relationship probably didn’t begin until Antinous was 17 or 18 – there is still a huge age gap between them, though.

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Who was the most beautiful woman in ancient Rome?