Has Federer beaten Djokovic at French Open?

Has Federer beaten Djokovic at French Open?

Djokovic has won 21 Grand Slam titles to Federer’s 20. Djokovic has the all-time record of 12 hardcourt Grand Slam titles (Australian Open and US Open).

Comparison of Grand Slam titles.

Tournament Djokovic Federer
French Open 2 1
Wimbledon 7 8
US Open 3 5
Total Count 21 20

Has Federer ever beaten Djokovic in a Grand Slam?

The Serb has beaten the Swiss 27 times, with 22 defeats (as of April 2020). In Grand Slams, Djokovic leads 11 wins to 6. For long, far behind his rivalry with Nadal, Federer’s rivalry with Djokovic gained momentum after 2014. Before 2014, they had only faced once in a Slams final.

Who is best Federer or Djokovic?

By total wins, it’s Federer, Nadal, Djokovic. Here’s more to consider: Djokovic spent 373 weeks ranked at No. 1 and ended seven different years there. Federer was on top for 310 weeks and five times at year’s end, and Nadal 209 and five. Federer won 103 tour singles titles, Nadal has 92 and Djokovic 88.

Has Nadal ever lost to Djokovic at the French Open?

On their ninth encounter at Roland Garros, Nadal and Djokovic met in the semifinals of the French Open, in a rematch of the previous year’s final. This time, Djokovic upset Nadal in four sets 3–6, 6–3, 7–6, 6–2. It was his second win against Nadal at the French Open and Nadal’s only third loss at Roland Garros.

Who defeated Djokovic the most?


But Nadal has won the most of their 18 Grand Slam meetings. He has triumphed 11 times, losing seven times. Nadal most recently defeated Djokovic 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(4) in the quarter-finals of the 2022 French Open. Out of these 59 matches, 27 were played on hard courts, 28 on clay, and four on grass.

How many times did Federer lose to Nadal at the French Open?

At the Australian Open, Nadal leads 2-1 (1-1 in the final). At the French Open, Nadal has defeated Federer five times, never losing (4-0 in the final).

Who is greatest tennis player of all time?

Here are the five best tennis players of all time, ranked using their overall grand slam victories.

  1. Margaret Court. Credit: Getty.
  2. Serena Williams. Credit: Getty.
  3. Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf. Credit: Getty.
  4. Novak Djokovic. Credit: Getty.
  5. Roger Federer. Credit: Getty.

Is Djokovic the goat now?

Novak Djokovic will probably be considered the greatest player of all time when all is said and done. A seventh Wimbledon title from eight finals takes him to a total of 21 grand slams. Rafa Nadal is on 22 but highly prone to injuries.

Why is Nadal unbeatable on clay?

Nadal’s heavy topspin forehand – the most potent in the game – backed by his crushing, slightly flatter backhand, and his physical stamina make him particularly suited to clay.

Has Federer ever beaten Nadal on clay?

While Roger Federer won two matches against Nadal on clay, the Spaniard dominated against him on the surface on most occasions. The two faced one another at the French Open on six occasions and the King of Clay has won every encounter. The 2008 final was notably one-sided with Nadal winning 6-3, 6-1, 6-0.

Who has won all 4 Grand Slams?

Remarkably, only one player has completed the Golden Slam within a single calendar season. It is Germany’s Steffi Graf. What is this? Graf achieved the Golden Slam by winning the 1988 Olympic gold medal, the 1988 Australian Open, the 1988 French Open, the 1988 Wimbledon Championships, and the 1988 US Open.

Who is the goat in tennis?

Or even the one voted by his contemporaries as the best ever? Federer certainly has a number of ‘GOAT’ accolades from his peers and beyond following his retirement announcement with the likes of fellow recent retiree and 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams describing the Swiss maestro as the GOAT.

Who is the legend of tennis?

Top 100 ranking per Tennis Channel in 2012

Rank Name Majors
Total (Current)
1 Roger Federer 20
2 Rod Laver ‡ ◊ ‡ 19
3 Steffi Graf ‡ 22

Who is the goat of tennis?

Why Nadal is not good on grass?

Nadal himself has admitted that although grass is a surface he has loved in the past, it gives him the most trouble these days. He has to bend down low to adapt to the bounce, which is hard on his knees.

Who has more fans Federer or Nadal?

Federer isn’t far behind with a total of 12.7 million followers on Twitter and another 9.3 million on Instagram. Meanwhile, Nadal has amassed a staggering 15.7 million followers on Twitter and 14.4 million on Instagram.

What are the 5 Grand Slams in tennis?

The Grand Slam itinerary consists of the Australian Open in mid January, the French Open (also known as Roland Garros) from around late May to early June, Wimbledon in June–July, and the US Open in August–September. Each tournament is played over a two-week period.

Who is the greatest tennis player of all time?

Margaret Court (Australia) — 24 major titles
Crowned by experts the best player of all time, Court collected 24 Grand Slam titles over her career—the most of any player. Add in 19 doubles and 19 mixed doubles, and Court has a record 62 major titles to her name.

Who is the most loved tennis player?

Roger Federer, like Maria Sharapova, is one of the most popular athletes in the world and is widely regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time.

Who is statistically the best tennis player of all time?

10 Best Male Tennis Players of All Time

Rank Player Wins
1 Novak Djokovic 982
2 Roger Federer 1,251
3 Rafael Nadal 1,028
4 Rod Laver 1,689

Is Nadal better on grass or hard court?

Rafael Nadal’s tryst with grasscourts has been quite bittersweet. The two-decade-long courtship has been laced with both ups and downs, with the 2012 loss to Lukas Rosol widely considered as one of the lowest points of Nadal’s career.

How good is Nadal?

He has won 91% of the highest-level matches on clay, more than Federer on grass (89%) and Djokovic on hard court ( 85%) With his 14th triumph at Roland Garros, Rafa Nadal has once again exhibited his brutal superiority on clay, his favorite surface.

Who is most loved tennis player?

popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a contemporary tennis player. Find out more

  • 1 Serena Williams59%
  • 2 Venus Williams58%
  • 3 Maria Sharapova39%
  • 4 Naomi Osaka35%
  • 5 Roger Federer35%
  • 6 Rafael Nadal32%
  • 7 Novak Djokovic28%
  • 8 Andy Murray26%

Which tennis player has the biggest fan base?

Different platforms, different fan-bases
Instagram skews younger, and female – it’s where Serena Williams becomes the most followed tennis player (nearing 13 million followers, ahead of Nadal and Federer) and where five of the top-10 most followed players are women.

Has anyone ever won all 4 Grand Slams in one year?

In 1938, Don Budge became the first tennis player to win the four major championships in one year and, thus, capture the Grand Slam.