Does downtown Nashville have free parking?

Does downtown Nashville have free parking?

All Tennessee government parking lots except for the Metro Nashville lots are free to park in after normal business hours. You can also park there for free on the weekends. There are approximately 10 government parking lots located in the downtown Nashville area.

Is street parking free in Nashville TN?

Meter Rates and Time Limits

Rates on parking meters are $2.25 per hour in the Central Business District, and $1.75 per hour on all others. Time limits on parking meters are two hours. Meter parking is free after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, all day on Sundays and observed government holidays.

Where do you park to walk on Broadway Nashville?

The Stage On Broadway Parking

  • The Stage On Broadway Parking. 12 Results.
  • Truist Plaza Garage. ENTRANCE: 120 5th Avenue North.
  • SMEAD. ENTRANCE: 110 4th Ave South.
  • 4TH AND COMMERCE. ENTRANCE: 147 4th Ave North.
  • COMMERCE A. ENTRANCE: 310 Commerce Street.

How much are parking garages in Nashville?

As a rule, expect to pay $5.00 per hour when parking in an off-street lot or garage. Parking for 24 hours will cost upwards of $24.00. Monthly parking costs around $125.

Is it hard to find parking in Nashville?

Looking for on-street parking in downtown Nashville? With approximately 1,000 metered parking spaces available, short-term visitors to downtown may find conveniently located, inexpensive on-street parking. Parking is $2.25 per hour in the Central Business District, and $1.75 per hour on all the others.

Is parking hard in downtown Nashville?

Compared to other major cities, Nashville parking costs are relatively inexpensive. Not to say Nashville is cheap, but the cost of parking in downtown is less than the likes of New York and Chicago — with median hourly rates in excess of $15-an-hour.

How hard is it to find parking in Nashville?

Why is parking so expensive in Nashville?

“Just as the demand and price of housing, office space, construction costs, land prices and many other urban and real estate based items have increased over the past five years, so have parking rates,” said Premier Parking CEO Ryan Chapman, who has overseen the company’s growth to more than 300 U.S. locations.

Is parking difficult in Nashville?

Whether you’re a Nashville native heading to a concert at the Grand Ole Opry with friends or you’re a visitor on your way to a honkytonk downtown, parking can get tricky. Finding free parking in Nashville is easier than ever with these tips and tricks, so keep reading to find a spot near your destination.

How much does it cost to park at 5th and Broadway Nashville?


Number of Spaces: 830
Daily Rate: $30
Miscellaneous Rates: With a 11 minute grace period to a max. of 1h: $6.00; From 1h to a max. of 2h: $12.00; From 2h to a max. of 3h: $17.00; From 3h to a max. of 5h: $20.00; From 5h to a max. of 24h: $30.00.

Is it easy to find parking downtown Nashville?

Is parking easy in Nashville?

Is it hard to park in downtown Nashville?

Is parking free on weekends in Nashville?

Free parking on Sundays
Nashville does not enforce meters on Sundays, so drivers can park at any metered spot for free each week.

How do you pay for street parking in Nashville?

Nashville Parking
Use the Premier Parking app to pay for parking when you’re on the go. Don’t waste time looking for coins to pay at the parking meter. Download the Premier Parking app for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.