Can we use venusia cream daily?

Can we use venusia cream daily?

Can we use Venusia Cream daily? Yes. This cream is specially designed for everyday use.

Can venusia be used on face?

Ans: Yes, Venusia moisturizer is excellent for your facial skin as it is loaded with ingredients that your face needs to look fresh, hydrated and well-rested such as vitamin E, aloe vera and glycerin.

Does venusia cream remove dark spots?

Reddy’s Venusia Max Cream (150 g) Very nice product.. soothens dry skin & removes black spots on face….& body……. l ♡ it….

Is venusia Max paraben free?

It is entirely paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, and animal origin ingredients free.

Is venusia cream good for oily skin?

Venusia Cream will block the pores and can increase the acne. Acne can be treated easily with facewash, tablets and creams. Some people have more oilyness on the face which results in breakouts.

Is venusia moisturizer good?

My dermatologist prescribed this cream for me, having been using for past 2 years for dry skin, it is very effective in controlling dryness and also keeps the skin smooth.

What is the function of venusia cream?

Venusia max cream is an advance formula for long lasting mositurization. The unique combination of butters, hydrates, softens, heals dry skin of hands, feet, elbows, and knees that require intensive moisturizing.

Can I use venusia Max lotion on face?

It is easily absorbed by the skin and is suitable for both face & body which helps to smooth, soothe and hydrate the skin and prevent loss of moisture. This cream hydrates the skin and makes skin soft, silky, and supple. It protects the skin from drying, chipping, and getting scaly.

Is venusia good for pimples?

Venusia is a cream which can aggravate acne in oily skin type. It doesn’t help to reduce acne. You will need specific medications to settle down your acne.

How do you apply venusia?

Have a bath, dry pat the skin and then apply moisturiser. ​A good skin care regimen comprises 4 steps – cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sun block. Consider usage of a moisturizing cream like Venusian, Cetaphil cream or Aveeno skin cream.

What is difference between venusia and venusia Max?

Regular use of Venusia lotion offers intense moisturising to prevent dryness for an extended period. Venusia max lotion removes tanning and is suitable for every age. It provides long lasting moisturization, and regular use of Venusia Max Lotion helps prevent dryness.

Is venusia good for dry skin?

Venusia max cream is helpful for dry skin conditions, particularly eczema and dermatitis, which get worse when the skin is allowed to dry.

Is venusia good for kids?

Q2: Is Venusia Max Cream okay for children? Ans: For infants, it is not recommended, please consult your baby’s physician.

What is the difference between venusia cream and Lotion?

Q4: What is the difference between Venusia moisturizing cream and Venusia lotion? Ans: Venusia moisturizing cream is meant especially for use on the face but can be used on other parts as well, while lotion can be applied to the whole body.

What is the difference between venusia cream and lotion?