Can I take an earlier train DB?

Can I take an earlier train DB?

Deutsche Bahn

If you are travelling less than 100km, you are able to take any train, at any time, travelling to the same destination on your reserved departure date. If you are travelling more than 100km then your validity period is 2 days.

How far in advance can you buy DB tickets?

180 days in
How Far in Advance Can You Book Deutsche Bahn Train Tickets? DB releases tickets for purchase 180 days in advance (about 6 months).

Is 9-euro ticket valid in ICE?

The 9-Euro-Ticket applies in M-V in regional trains, suburban trains and underground trains, trams, buses and partly ferries (see above). The 9-Euro-Ticket Does not apply in M-V on long-distance services (ICE, IC, EC, FlixTrain and FlixBus). Transfer to 1st class is excluded.

What is the difference between EC and ICE?

This is due to tariff reasons: in Germany, EC normally are classified below ICE, the highest class, and thus slightly cheaper. ECE however are the same rank as ICE, and are priced as such, as the Deutsche Bahn claims them to provide similar levels of comfort.

Can I travel in another train if my train is late?

Yes you can. But you need to buy a new ticket for another train. In this situation you have to cancel the current ticket.

Can I get an earlier train with my ticket?

Advance train tickets aren’t flexible, so you must catch the train specified on your ticket. If you catch an earlier train, you may have to pay additional fees, so please check with ticket staff at the station.

Is it cheaper to buy German train tickets in advance?

Is it cheaper to buy train tickets in advance in Germany? If you are buying the single journey tickets, then yes, it is usually cheaper to buy in advance. Typically about 2-3 months in advance are often the best prices.

Do Deutsche Bahn tickets get more expensive?

Rail operator Deutsche Bahn announced on Friday it was set to increase the cost of long-distance rail tickets by an average of 1.9 percent – the highest price hike since 2021. The new prices will come into force on December 12th, and Deutsche Bahn said it was in response to inflation.

Do I have to validate 9-euro ticket Germany?

How does the 9-euro ticket work in Germany? Each ticket is valid for the calendar month you bought it for, regardless of whether you purchased it at the beginning or end of the month. You don’t need to validate the ticket—it expires automatically when the month is over.

Can I travel from Berlin to Hamburg with 9-euro ticket?

For more about how to navigate public transport in Germany see Public Transport in Germany. A 9-euro monthly ticket bought in Berlin can be used on public transport there and anywhere else in Germany. If you’re in Munich or Hamburg, the ticket you bought in Berlin is valid there as well.

Can you sleep on ICE train Germany?

For this ICE service you can get on the train without reservation (optional reservation 4€ via Like Womble says, this train has only seats. Nighttrains from Berlin with Couchettes and sleeping cars only Nightjet (NJ) to Vienna, Zürich or Euronight (EN) to Budapest (maybe only seats).

Can you eat on ICE train?

All ICE trains have a restaurant wagon where you can sit down and receive table service. It’s not a Michelin-starred restaurant, but you can eat plenty well on the train.

What if my train is late more than 3 hours?

If the train is running late by more than three hours of scheduled departure, no cancellation charge will be levied. Full money will be refunded to passengers holding confirmed, RAC, and wait-listed tickets in such case (subject to the condition that the ticket is surrendered prior to actual departure of train).

What if I missed the train?

Missed Train Confirm ticket
You may get refund from railways by filing TDR (ticket deposit receipt) as per extant rules citing reasons for not travelling. Since chart has been prepared you can’t cancel the ticket, you can only file TDR within one hour after departure of the train from charting station.

Is it possible to travel in earlier train than reserved train with same ticket?

Originally Answered: is it possible to travel in earlier train than reserved train with same ticket? No, it is not allowed over Indian Railways. A reserved ticket is valid for that particular train on that particular day only and it is not valid for either earlier or later train.

Can you get off a train at an earlier station and get back on?

Yes, you can break your journey while travelling with an Anytime Single or Return ticket. This means you can get off the train at any connecting stop and leave the station, before boarding a later train to complete your journey.

Can you drink beer on German trains?

Currently there are no rules on drinking alcohol on trains in Germany, although over the last couple of years Munich and Hamburg have banned boozing on their metro systems.

Can you eat on Deutsche Bahn?

Eating on German Trains
Well, German trains have that covered, too, but you don’t have to stop and you’re still moving faster than by car. All ICE trains have a restaurant wagon where you can sit down and receive table service. It’s not a Michelin-starred restaurant, but you can eat plenty well on the train.

Which trains are not included in 9-euro ticket?

There were only a few restrictions. The 9-euro ticket was not valid on long-distance trains (EC, IC, high-speed ICE) or long-distance buses. Nor was it valid for first-class on regional trains (RB, RE), or for a bike or a dog on systems that normally charge for that. A separate ticket was required.

Can I buy 9-euro ticket at airport?

You can purchase the 9-euro ticket at manned ticket outlets, at BVG customer centres, at BVG agencies, at ticket machines, and as a mobile ticket. The ticket cannot be purchased on BVG buses or trams.

How does the € 9 ticket work?

What is the €9 ticket? The €9 ticket is a heavily discounted public transport ticket that costs €9 per calendar month. The ticket is part of the so-called ‘Energy Cost Relief Package’, with which the federal government wants to cushion the sharp rise in energy and fuel prices due to inflation and the war in Ukraine.

Which is faster IC or ICE?

The types of train service:
(2) IC trains – long distance express trains that tend to be slower than ICE trains because they rarely use the high speed lines.

Can you sleep in a DB train?

The sleeper is the most comfortable way to travel on the ÖBB Nightjet. Travel in your own compartment on comfortable berths with fresh linen. You can choose between Triple (3 berths), Double (2 berths) and Single (1 berth).

Can I bring food in ICE train in Germany?

ICE-trains most of the time have both: Bistro (for snacks, drinks, coffee) and a restaurant for dining. Food is OK but I always take a Picnic. Beer is Vom Fass (on draught) which is very nice. In the 1st class you get an “at seat” service.

Do ICE trains have bathrooms?

On most ICE and some IC trains, reservation info appears on a small electronic display. All trains in Germany have toilets, and most intercity trains come with bistro and restaurant cars serving hot meals, snacks and beverages. There’s no issue with bringing your own food and drink.