Can I shoot on state game lands in PA?

Can I shoot on state game lands in PA?

​Shooting Range Permits Those who shoot firearms at the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s state game lands public shooting ranges must possess and carry with them either an annual $31.97 range use permit or a current Pennsylvania general hunting or furtaker license.

What is the largest state game lands in PA?

State Game Lands Number 13 is itself the largest single state game land in Pennsylvania. The game lands are located near Sonestown. They are located mostly in Sullivan County, but a small area is in Columbia County. The game lands are in the Endless Mountains.

Are PA State Game Lands open to public?

State Game Lands are public hunting grounds and lawful hunting and trapping are permitted during open seasons.

Can you hunt PA State Game Lands overnight?

Yes. Only those with furtaker licenses may hunt coyotes at night during the big game season. However, you should expect to undergo quite a bit of scrutiny from a game warden if you are approached while hunting coyotes at night during a big game season.

Can you target practice on PA state game lands?

Game land ranges are open during the hunting seasons, safety zones only apply to hunting and trapping, they do not apply to target shooting.

Is camping allowed in PA state game lands?

Camping on Pennsylvania State Game Lands is generally prohibited, with one exception: Hikers may camp within 200 feet of the Appalachian Trail where it passes through game lands.

Can you ride mountain bikes on PA State Game Lands?

Mountain biking is permitted in 32 Pennsylvania state parks.

Should I shoot a coyote while deer hunting?

“Killing a few coyotes may feel good and it certainly means one less coyote on the landscape, but it’s important to realize it offers limited influence to the goal of helping deer numbers and it does come with some small risks, too,” Ross said.

Can you hunt on Pennsylvania game lands?

Opportunities for hunting game of all sizes exist in Pennsylvania. Whether you are trying to hunt big game such as deer, black bear, wild turkey or elk or small game like pheasant or rabbit, the PA state game lands provide fertile ground for all of your hunting endeavors.

Can you hunt on unposted land in PA?

Contrary to the belief of some, hunting on private property without permission is trespassing – even if the property is unoccupied, and not posted or fenced. In Pennsylvania, you may not hunt private property without the permission of the landowner.

Can a PA game Warden enter private property?

PA court: game wardens can enter private property.