Can a Spitz nevus turn cancerous?

Can a Spitz nevus turn cancerous?

Very few atypical Spitz tumors progress to melanoma and lead to serious health risks, especially when diagnosed and treated early. A suspicious Spitz nevus is usually removed by a doctor while it is still benign. If an atypical Spitz tumor becomes cancerous, it is called a Spitzoid melanoma.

Does Spitz nevus need to be removed?

Seventy percent of general dermatologists and 80% of pediatric dermatologists would recommend excision with a 1- to 2-mm margin of normal-appearing skin around a Spitz nevus.

What is a Spitz nevus mole?

A Spitz nevus is a type of mole. It also may be called a nevus, Spitz lesion, juvenile melanoma, benign juvenile melanoma, or spindle and epithelioid cell nevus of Reed. It is a group of nevus cells in the layers of the skin. Most people get moles during their life.

Is a Spitz nevus a tumor?

Spitz nevus (or Spitz tumor) is an uncommon, melanocytic lesion composed of large, epithelioid and/or spindled cells that presents as a well-circumscribed, dome-shaped, pink-red or brown papule, most commonly located on the face or lower extremities (picture 1A).

Should I be worried about Spitz nevus?

Spitz naevus occurs mainly in children and young adults. It is a rare type of mole that might look worrying, but is benign (non cancerous). This means that, unlike a cancer, there’s no chance of it spreading to anywhere else in the body.

How fast does Spitzoid melanoma spread?

In those who are in their 20s and 30s who have Spitz nevi, there is a greater likelihood of malignancy in the lesion. Clinically, Spitzoid melanomas are usually changing amelanotic nodular lesions, and can grow fairly rapidly over several months.

How fast does Spitzoid melanoma grow?

How often is Spitz nevus misdiagnosed?

Several studies22-25 using histopathologic databases have shown that the correct diagnosis is clinically suspected in no more than 20% of Spitz nevi that are biopsied.

Is Spitzoid melanoma curable?

Treatment for Spitzoid Melanoma

Spitzoid melanoma is highly curable when diagnosed early.

Is Spitzoid Melanoma curable?