Are xikar lighters good?

Are xikar lighters good?

The Best Compact Lighter: Xikar Allume Single Jet Flame Lighter. The Xikar Allume isn’t particularly flashy but it’s a reliable cigar torch lighter. The single jet flame is adjustable and you’ll find a fuel level window on the front and back. The minimalistic design makes it extremely compact and easy to transport.

Do xikar lighters have a lifetime warranty?

XIKAR lighters, cutters, humidors, travel cases, hygrometers and ashtrays are all covered by XIKAR Limited Lifetime Warranty. Consumable products, including, but not limited to, butane and humidification are not covered under XIKAR Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Why is my lighter not working?

Look for rust, debris, or dirt. If you’ve left a lighter outside for a long period of time the metal wheel on top might be rusted in place. If it won’t spin, it won’t light. If there is only dirt and debris inside the lighter you might be able to clean it out with your fingers or a pipe cleaner and get it going again.

How many times is xikar refined?


Size 400.00 mL
Nozzle Plastic
Has Adapter Varies
Times Refined 3
Brand: Xikar Lighters & Cutters

What cigar lighter should I buy?

Try a double, triple, or quad-jet on for size to guarantee you can fire up the entire circumference of your cigar quickly. Some guys opt for a Bunsen-burner-style torch. Torch lighters with multiple jets and a big gas tank are great for guys who love big fat cigars.

Did xikar go out of business?

Cigar accessory company XIKAR sold to Quality Importers Trading Co.

Where is xikar made?

“This is a transformational event in the cigar accessory category, creating an industry-leading partnership with enormous growth potential in existing and new markets.” Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Xikar, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger.

What is the cleanest burning butane?

PREMIUM BUTANE GAS: Colibri Butane Is the Cleanest Available At 99.9994% Purity.