Why is PBS video unavailable?

Why is PBS video unavailable?

Our distribution rights are fairly limited and are sometimes confined to only broadcasting. However, when PBS is allowed streaming rights they are subjected to time limitations, usually of two weeks. If a video has expired, PBS no longer holds rights to stream this program online.

Why is PBS blocked?

PBS’ disclaimer says that it blocks viewers outside the US due to rights restrictions. This usually means that a broadcaster has paid for the streaming rights to a show in one country only — in this case, the US. Any viewers watching shows from outside the US breach PBS’ contract. To prevent this, PBS uses geoblocking.

How do I change my location on PBS app?

When you are on PBS.org, hover your mouse over or click the icon for the station that you are currently localized to and when the dropdown appears, click Change Your Local Station.

Why is PBS not on streaming services?

It’s possible that PBS or your local station may only have the rights to offer a program through television broadcast or the live stream, and cannot offer the program outside of those two options.

Is PBS Passport the same as PBS video?

PBS Passport is simply an additional member benefit that offers eligible station donors extended on-demand access to a library of videos. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to activate PBS Passport.

How do I stream PBS locally?

YouTube TV is currently the only live streaming service where you can watch your local PBS station live. YouTubeTV offers the live PBS broadcast of over 100 PBS member stations across the U.S. You can see the channels available in your area by entering your zip code on YouTube TV’s channel finder.

How can I watch PBS from another state?

Yes. PBS Passport is a new member benefit from participating PBS stations, and in order to take advantage of it you must identify your station. You can select any station in the country by searching by state or zip code, or find the station that is closest to where you live.

Why is PBS not working on Roku?

If your Roku device takes you to your home screen when you try to watch PBS videos, your router may be blocking the site PBS uses to run its promotions, doubleclick.net. The Roku will be unable to play any video in this situation, and shuts down the app.

Is PBS Masterpiece different from PBS Passport?

PBS passport has all of your local PBS content plus all of the Masterpiece shows. PBS Masterpiece is just that. Thanks for a clear cut answer.

How can I watch PBS Passport for free?

You can view Passport videos just by logging in to PBS.org and local station sites from your computer, smartphone and tablet. Currently, PBS Passport content is available: On the PBS.org website via your desktop computer or laptop using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Why does my Roku keep saying content not available?

Reboot your device If this issue is only a temporary glitch, rebooting your Roku device and modem should clear it. You can either go to Settings → System → System restart, or you can simply disconnect the power cord for 30 seconds.

How do I activate PBS on my Roku TV?

How do I activate the PBS Video channel on Roku?

  1. From a mobile device or computer, visit pbs.org/activate and enter your unique code. Select Continue.
  2. Sign in with a Facebook, Google, or PBS account.
  3. After signing in, a screen should appear confirming that your Roku device has been activated.

Why is my PBS signal unavailable or not working correctly?

Why is my reception of the PBS signal unavailable or not working correctly? Each PBS member station transmits the signal feed for its local area. We suggest you contact your local station to notify them of any problems so they can assist you in finding a solution.

Why is this video unavailable in my area?

I am getting the message “This video is unavailable in your area.” Why? There are a few different reasons why you may have received this message. The streaming rights for the video you are trying to watch may have expired.

How can I watch PBS programs that are not available on PBS?

If you are interested in a program that is unavailable through streaming with PBS, we recommend checking your local station’s TV schedule for any possible re-airings of the program. You may also be able to purchase the program through Shop PBSor a third party, such as Amazon Video or Apple iTunes.

Why can’t I find PBS Passport on my local station?

It’s possible that your station does not offer the local station membership benefit Passport, which allows members extended access to a library of public television. If your local station does not currently offer PBS Passport, feel free to contact them and ask if they have plans to in the future.