Why is GOT7 Youngjae called Ars?

Why is GOT7 Youngjae called Ars?

Ars is Choi Youngjae’s composer name. His name was inspired by a Latin quote: “Ars longa vita brevis.” – which, translated in English, means: “Art is long, Life is short.”

What drama is Youngjae from GOT7 in?

GOT7’s Youngjae last starred in Netflix’s first Korean sitcom series ‘So Not Worth It’. The series revolves around a group of students with different multicultural backgrounds residing at a college dormitory in Seoul. It starred Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Minnie and Han Hyun Min.

Who is ARS in GOT7?

Choi Young-jae

Occupation Singer songwriter actor
Agent Sublime
Musical career
Also known as Ars

What is Youngjae GOT7 doing now?

Youngjae was the first GOT7 member to sign with an agency. GOT7’s main vocal chose to join Sublime Artists Agency which is home to Rain, Song Kang Ho, Hani, and many others. Aside from releasing OSTs, Youngjae is starring in the musical “Midnight Sun.”

Who is the leader of GOT7?

The leader of GOT7 is Jay B. Jay B got his big break in 2011 when he was cast in the Korean TV show Dream High 2. In this show, he took the role of Jang Woo-jae. Then, in 2012 he and future GOT7 member Jin-young debuted as the double act JJ Project.

How old is BamBam from GOT7?

25 years (May 2, 1997)BamBam / Age

Did Jackson leave Got7?

He left JYP Entertainment on 19 January 2021, along with other Got7 members after their exclusive contracts expired. Since then, Team Wang currently operates his international activities.

Did Got7 leave JYP?

GOT7 have opened up about why they chose to part ways with JYP Entertainment, despite getting a fairly good offer from the agency. Yesterday (May 23), the septet reunited and released a new self-titled EP, their first since leaving JYP Entertainment in January 2021.

Has Jackson left GOT7?