Who raised more money in 2008 election?

Who raised more money in 2008 election?

Fundraising for the 2008 United States presidential election

Candidate (party) Amount raised Votes
Barack Obama (D) $778,642,962 69,498,215
John McCain (R) $383,913,834 59,948,240
Ralph Nader (I) $4,496,180 738,720
Bob Barr (L) $1,383,681 523,713

Who was the billionaire that ran for President?

Ross Perot
Perot in 1986
Born Henry Ross PerotJune 27, 1930 Texarkana, Texas, U.S.
Died July 9, 2019 (aged 89) Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Resting place Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery

Who ran with Obama in 2008?

On November 4, 2008, Obama defeated the Republican nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona, making him the President-elect and the first African American elected President. He was the third sitting U.S. Senator, after Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy, to be elected president.

Who are the highest-paid athletes of all time?

The following is a list showing the highest-paid athletes of modern times, measured in United States dollars, as of 2017: The list is only about modern time athletes. For example, Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a Roman Chariot racer is said to have earned 35,863,120 sesterces, by one estimation over $15 billion in today’s dollars.

When was the list of the highest paid athletes released?

The 2014 list was released on 11 June 2014. The 2013 list was released on 5 June 2013. The 2012 list was released on 18 June 2012. ^ Badenhausen, Kurt (13 December 2017). “The 25 Highest-Paid Athletes Of All Time”.

How much money do the best athletes make?

The List #1 Conor McGregor $180 M $22 M $158 M #2 Lionel Messi $130 M $97 M $33 M #3 Cristiano Ronaldo $120 M $70 M $50 M #4 Dak Prescott $107.5 M $97.5 M $10 M #5 LeBron James $96.5 M $31.5 M $65 M

Who is the highest paid UFC fighter of all time?

Overall. #1. Conor McGregor. $180 M. $22 M. $158 M. Mixed Martial Arts. #2. Lionel Messi.