Who played at Glastonbury in 2010?

Who played at Glastonbury in 2010?

Aside from the headliners, Shakira and Scissor Sisters lit up the Pyramid Stage on Saturday with suitably exuberant pop (the latter featured a guest performance from Kylie Minogue), while Biffy Clyro and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood played warmly-received surprise slots in The Park.

How Big Is Worthy Farm?

“It creates a lot of employment within a 20-mile radius of this farm and I rely on these people to be able to do what I do.” About 100 permanent staff are employed on the farm, but that number swells to 30,000 when 175,000 music fans arrive and swarm the 1,200-acre site – 700 acres of which is rented from neighbouring …

Where is Glastonbury held?

Worthy FarmPilton2016, 2015, 2014.Glastonbury2011
Glastonbury Festival/Event locations

Who played Glastonbury 2011?

Glastonbury 2011: the full lineup

PYRAMID U2 Beyoncé
PYRAMID Morrissey Pendulum
PYRAMID Biffy Clyro Plan B
PYRAMID B.B. King Paul Simon

Who played at Glastonbury 2009?

On Friday morning, Abba parody Björn Again opened the Pyramid Stage, and from that point, the performance highlights came thick and fast. Fleet Foxes’ sweet harmonies serenaded a sun-dappled afternoon throng; Little Boots and Lady Gaga dazzled; Ray Davies and Neil Young delivered classic sets.

What was the biggest crowd at Glastonbury?


The Levellers – Pyramid Stage, 1994
Without a steel fence to keep the gatecrashers away, Glasto was officially free and The Levellers played to what is reported to have been the festival’s largest-ever crowd to date, estimated at 300,000.

Do the stars at Glastonbury get paid?

Bestival organiser Rob Da Bank previously told Somerset Live that Glastonbury’s budget is under £500,000 per headliner. “They cap their budget and even the headliners don’t get paid more than 500 grand,” he said: “I think, which is cheap for some of the headliners and they’ve had a lot of them.

How much do bands get paid at Glastonbury?

Where is the biggest festival in the world?

Similar to Mardi Gras, but to the Nth degree, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the world’s biggest festival! If you travel to Rio, expect to share the streets with two-million people every day as local samba schools show off their talent at the Sambadrome.

Who played at Glastonbury 2014?

There’ll be Pixies and Jake Bugg, MGMT on John Peel, and John Grant and Mogwai in The Park. Then we’ve got Bryan Ferry and Dexys both coming to Glastonbury for the first time and headlining West Holts and the Acoustic Stage respectively.

Who played at Glastonbury 2008?

Others who provided great moments included Manu Chao, Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Seasick Steve , Lupe Fiasco , Mark Ronson , Dizzy Rascal , Ozomatli , Eddy Grant , Stanton Warriors , Natty , Dr Meaker , Fun Loving Criminals, The National, Tunng and Laura Marling.

What is the best Glastonbury performance ever?

1: David Bowie (2000)
Easily topping our list of the best Glastonbury performances ever, we will never see the likes of it again.

Who played the best set at Glastonbury?

David Bowie’s
David Bowie’s 2000 Glastonbury performance has revealed as the most iconic headline set at the festival. A survey was conducted by Betfair Casino quizzed Brits about the best star to top the bill at the Someset festival and the late Ziggy Stardust rocker came out on top.

What was Paul McCartney paid for Glastonbury?

Michael once revealed: “I paid £200,000 for Paul McCartney and for Coldplay, and although it sounds a lot, they could have charged me far more.” In 2017, Emily spoke of how the festival’s performers are typically paid less than 10 per cent of what they’d usually get for other performances.

How much do bands get paid to play at Glastonbury?

In an interview with BBC Radio 6 in 2017 she stated that Glastonbury performers receive “less than 10%” of fees that they would normally get from other festivals. Eavis explained: “We’re not in the same bracket as everyone else when it comes to paying artists massive fees.

How much does a Glastonbury headliner get paid?

“So we’re really grateful for the bands that we get because they’re basically doing it for the love of it.” The exact amount that each headliner gets paid is kept under wraps, but in an interview with Somerset Live, Bestival organiser Rob Da Bank revealed that Glastonbury’s budget is under £500,000 per headliner.

Who has headlined Glastonbury the most?

Van Morrison has played the Pyramid Stage a whopping 8 times. His first appearance was in 1982.

Which is bigger Coachella or Glastonbury?

So whilst Glastonbury has hosted the big names of rock and politics, is it bigger than Coachella? The simple answer is yes. Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world.

Is Glastonbury bigger than Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland 2023
Since its inception in 2005, the festival has grown to one of the best in the world, rivalling even the largest scale festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury.

Who played at Glastonbury 2015?

KANYE WEST 22:15 – 23:45
THE WATERBOYS 13:30 – 14:30
COURTNEY BARNETT 12:10 – 13:00

Who played at Glastonbury 2016?

Artists including Coldplay, Foals, Muse, The Last Shadow Puppets, Fatboy Slim, Wolf Alice, CHVRCHES, Jamie Lawson, Sigur Rós, Laura Mvula, Jack Garratt, The 1975, Years & Years, Editors, Two Door Cinema Club and John Grant feature on the album.

Who played Glastonbury 2007?

Glastonbury 2007 (20–24 June) was headlined by Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, and The Who on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Dame Shirley Bassey was also featured.

Who got the biggest crowd at Glastonbury?

The Levellers

Do Glastonbury acts get paid?

What was the biggest crowd ever at Glastonbury?