Who owns Ghana International School?

Who owns Ghana International School?

Mrs. Kathleen Lines

Ghana International School
Founder Mrs. Kathleen Lines
School board Board of Governors
School district Accra Metropolis

Who is the owner of Galaxy International School Ghana?

Mehmet Akmermer – Managing Director – Galaxy International School Ltd.

What is ICS Ghana?

ICS-G is an independent, co-educational institution that follows the British System of Education, which we believe provides the resources necessary for academic rigor, as well as the necessary skills of inquiry, creativity, and initiative to produce a well-rounded learner.

What is the school fees of Ghana International School?

Ghana International School (GIS) Each student pays about $2,027 to $3,045 tuition fees.

When was Ghana International School founded?

September 1, 1955Ghana International School / Founded

What is GIS school?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow students to map and visualize data in all content areas.

How much is Galaxy International School fees?

Based on 2021/2022 fees….

Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (KZT)
Tuition Fee Annual 2,000,000 KZT
TOTAL 2,000,000 KZT

Is ICS a boarding school?

ICS opened its boarding house for students in grades 6–12 in August 2017. We believe we have created a place that produces globally-minded individuals in an internationally diverse environment that focuses on human relationships and an outstanding education.

Is the international community?

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Which school is the richest school in Ghana?

1 . Lincoln Community School: This Abelenkpe based school is arguably the most expensive school in Ghana. It is estimated that students pay in the range of $15,084 to $26,276 per year.

How many private schools are there in Ghana?

A total of 561 primary and junior secondary schools were found: 141 unregistered private, 154 government, 393 Private and public schooling in Ghana Page 6 and 266 registered private schools (see Table 1).

Which school is lis in Ghana?

About us. Our School was established in 2000 – as Abibiman Complex School, at Pokuase- Amanfrom, Accra, Ghana. It was refreshed after 20 years in 2020 under a new management with a new name: Lead International School.

What are the application areas of GIS?

The major areas of GIS application

  • Local Government.
  • Real Estate and Marketing.
  • Public safety and defense.
  • Natural resource exploration/extraction.
  • Transportation.
  • Health Management (Health Systems, Health Centers, Management Beds)
  • Public health and epidemiology.
  • The Geospatial Industry.

How much are international schools in Uganda?

Finances: During the 2021-2022 school year, tuition rates are as follows: playgroup – $5,500, EC1-EC2 -$6,800, kinder – $18,600, grade 1-5 -$20,100, grade 6-8 -$23,600, Grade 9-10 -$24,600, Grade 11-12 -$28,900.

Who are members of the international community?

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When was the international community created?

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What is the best private SHS in Ghana?

Top 5 private high schools in Ghana according to WAEC