Who is the oldest pro disc golf player?

Who is the oldest pro disc golf player?

Don Shinn
Don Shinn, 96, is the oldest person to compete in a Professional Disc Golf Association event.

How much does a disc golf pro make?

Disc Golf Professional Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $70,500 $5,875
75th Percentile $46,500 $3,875
Average $42,527 $3,543
25th Percentile $27,500 $2,291

How far could Ken Climo throw?

The eventual winner, Ken Climo, threw 360 feet. It was the shortest on the top card with the longest at 408. The wind was a minimal crosswind with little impact on distance.” Never once said he maxed out @ 350.

Who is the goat in disc golf?

We all know the resume of Ken Climo, he’s a 12 time world champion disc golfer. He won every world championship from 1990-1998 and also 2000,2002,2006. He’s won 5 USDGC’s in 1999,2000,2002,2004, and 2007.

Who has the most world titles in disc golf?

Ken Climo
Who has won the most disc golf world championships? Ken Climo has more disc golf world championships than any other player: 12.

Who invented disk golf?

Ed HeadrickDisc golf / Creator

How much does Paul McBeth make from disc golf?

How Much Does a Pro Disc Golfer Make Today?

Rank Name Total Prize Won
1 Chris Dickerson $ 46,430
2 Kevin Jones $ 42,224
3 Calvin Heimburg $ 34,047
4 Paul McBeth $ 32,729

How old is Eagle McMahon?

About 24 years (1998)Eagle Wynne McMahon / Age

How tall is Scott Stokely?

6 ft 7 in

Scott Stokely
Height 6 ft 7 in (201 cm)
Turned professional 1986
Current tour(s) Disc Golf Pro Tour

What putter did Ken Climo use?

The KC (Ken Climo) Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar Big Bead mold in a firm blend of Pro Plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. This is the preferred model of professional players. Great for drives, approaches and putts. Endorsed by 12-time World Champion, Ken Climo.

Is Macbeth better than climo?

From 1990 to 2002, Climo was the top-ranked player for 13 years in a row, and then in 2007 he achieved a 14th #1 ranking at the age of 39. The other nine top ten players of all-time combined ranked #1 a total of 16 times. McBeth, as of 2020, has the top ranking in six out of the past eight years.

Has Paul McBeth won Usdgc?

He won the PDGA World Championships four times in a row (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) and again in 2019, making him a five-time champion….

Paul McBeth
Disc Golf Pro Tour 16
Best results in major championships
PDGA World Championships Won: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019
USDGC Won: 2015, 2018, 2021

What is the oldest disc golf company?


  • Innova Champion Discs – Innova is the oldest active manufacturer of frisbee golf discs and held the initial patent for the beveled edge (aerodynamic) disc golf driver.
  • Discraft – Discraft was the primary competitor of Innova in the Frisbee Golf market for years.

What does Kevin Jones make?

The earnings drop off considerably further down the list. Let’s look at the 50th ranked male player in the United States as of 2021….How much do other players make?

Rank 10
Name Kevin Jones
2021 Earnings $39,338
Career Earnings $161,205

Is Brodie Smith still sponsored by Discraft?

As of 2020 he is a professional disc golf player on the DGPT (Disc Golf Pro Tour). He is currently signed to Discraft.

How old is Simon Lizotte?

About 30 years (1992)Simon Lizotte / Age

How old is Kyle Klein?

September 1, 2021 by Jonah Lynne in Profile with 0 comments. At just 19 years of age, Kyle Klein has developed a reputation as the “third Crush Boy” alongside fellow Discmania sponsored pros Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte.