Who is the architect in Dragon Age Origins?

Who is the architect in Dragon Age Origins?

Mike Laidlaw
James OhlenBrent Knowles
Dragon Age: Origins/Designers

How do you get through the Eluvian with Morrigan?

The player stabs Morrigan and she falls backwards through the Eluvian portal. The player and Morrigan kiss and then walk into the Eluvian portal together. If the Warden undertook Morrigan’s Ritual, it is implied that Morrigan will allow the Warden to meet their son (if she was fully romanced).

Who is the mother Dragon Age Awakening?

The Mother is a unique awoken broodmother who leads the darkspawn attacking the arling of Amaranthine. She was a former human female prior to becoming a broodmother.

How are Broodmothers created?

To create new broodmothers, Darkspawn take women captive. Any race is fair game: humans, elves, dwarves, or Qunari. They then force-feed these women flesh. Any flesh is fair game: the flesh of other humanoids, the flesh of animals, or the flesh of Darkspawn.

What happens if you side with the architect?

If the Warden-Commander sides with the Architect, the Mother will reveal that the Architect’s botched attempt at making Urthemiel into a disciple was the cause of the Old God’s corruption and thus the cause of the Fifth Blight.

What did Branka do Dragon Age?

Branka is a weapon-and-shield warrior with high physical resistance and, as natural for a dwarf, magic resistance. The best way to defeat her is to first defeat her golems. If her health is less than half, she’ll use Lyrium veins to duplicate herself, so use them before she does.

Should I side with the architect or the digger?

Mission: The Digger If you side with the Digger, you won’t have to kill the Architect but he will leave your crew. Then you will need to place Ghûl bait in an encampment and kill a captain. If you want to save time like I did, just side with the Architect.

What does the architect learn in Dragon Age Awakening?

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. The Architect eventually learns that through the intake of Grey Warden blood in a process it likens to the Joining, it is possible to free other darkspawn from the group mind and give them self-control, intelligence, and free will.

How does the architect awaken the darkspawn?

Through working with Utha, the Architect learns that the blood of a Grey Warden can disrupt the connection between the darkspawn and the Old Gods and grant them self awareness. Hoping to end the Blight by awakening all darkspawn in this way, the Architect begins using this ritual to gather a band of darkspawn followers which became the Disciples.

How good is the archedemon in Dragon Age Origins?

the archedemon in dragon age origins was #5 out of the 7. so worst case scenario we only have to tough through 2 more blights anyway… So the world only needs to lean into the edge of complete destruction a couple more times?

What happened to Bregan in Dragon Age the calling?

Dragon Age: The Calling. The Architect encounters Bregan after the darkspawn capture and take him to a prison cell in Kul-Baras. It begins to explain the situation to Bregan, and attempts to persuade him away from his suicidal path. However, Bregan soon attempts an escape, only to be re-captured shortly after.