Who is keriako Tobiko in Kenya?

Who is keriako Tobiko in Kenya?

Mr. Keriako Tobiko is Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry since January 2018. Before his appointment, Mr. Tobiko was the Director of Public Prosecutions, the first holder of the office under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, having been first appointed in 2005.

Who is the CS of environment?

. Keriako Tobiko
Mr. Keriako Tobiko is the Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. He was appointed by H.E the President to replace Prof. Judi Wakhungu in the last cabinet reshuffle that was done in January, 2018.

Who are the current Cabinet secretaries in Kenya?

Current Cabinet

Office Cabinet Secretary
Public Service and Gender Affairs Margaret Kobia
National Treasury and Planning Ukur Yatani Kanacho
Foreign Affairs Raychelle Omamo
Labour and Social Services Simon Chelugui

Who is the PS for Environment?

Chris K. Kiptoo
Chris K. Kiptoo, CBS is the Principal Secretary (PS) for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. He was reassigned to this Ministry by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta in January, 2020.

Where does Monica Juma come from?

KenyaMonica Juma / Place of birth

Who is CS Betty Maina?

Betty Maina is a Kenyan politician who is currently Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development in the cabinet of Kenya.

Who is the permanent secretary for Defence in Kenya?

Monica Juma

Monica Juma
Assumed office 30 September 2021
President Uhuru Kenyatta
Preceded by Charles Keter
Cabinet Secretary for Defence

Who is the PS of Defence in Kenya?


Who is Monica Juma in Kenya?

Monica Juma (born 1963) is a Kenyan diplomat who currently serves as Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary. She previously served as the Cabinet Secretary for Defence in the Republic of Kenya.

Who is the husband of Monica Juma?

Peter KagwanjaMonica Juma / Husband

Where does Betty Maina come from?

Who is the CS of industry?

Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development. The Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Betty C. Maina, EGH brings a wealth of experience and professional capability built over two decades of engagement with top-notch public and private sector organizations.

Who is the second in command in KDF?

General Samson Jefwa Mwathethe
Chief of the Defence Forces

No. Chief of the Defence Forces Left office
1 General Julius Waweru Karangi (born 1951) 4 May 2015
2 General Samson Jefwa Mwathethe (born 1958) 10 May 2020
3 General Robert Kariuki Kibochi (born 1959) Incumbent

Who is Kenya Navy Commander?

Maj Gen Jimson Mutai
Maj Gen Jimson Mutai was promoted to the rank of Maj Gen and appointed Commander Kenya Navy on 11 May 2020.

Who is the CS of agriculture in Kenya?

Peter Gatirau Munya
Peter Gatirau Munya (born 1969) is the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative (Kenya). He took over the ministry on 14th January 2020. This is after he was transferred from the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization.

Who is Simon Nabukwesi?

Nabukwesi was appointed to the position of Principal Secretary, State Department of University Education and Research with effect from 28th February, 2020. He is optimistic about working with all stakeholders to improve University Education and Research.

Which tribe is Esther Passaris?

Passaris was born in the coastal city of Mombasa to a Greek father and a Kenyan Kikuyu mother.