Where is the weetbix TRYathlon?

Where is the weetbix TRYathlon?

Kilbirnie Park

Entry Info
The Wellington Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is located at Kilbirnie Park. The TRYathlon will begin with the swim leg in the heated indoor pool at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre where the pool is 50m in length.

How long is the swim in the weetbix TRYathlon?

50m swim
How far is the TRYathlon course? Distances are approximate and are as follows; 6 year olds (Splash & Dash): 50m swim / 1.5km run. 7 year olds 50m: swim/ 4km cycle/ 1.5km run.

How old do you have to be to do the weetbix TRYathlon?

6-15 years
The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is designed for Kiwi kids aged 6-15 years to help them stay active and healthy through a programme of participation.

What is the weetbix challenge?

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRY CHALLENGE is a 3-week programme that encourages Kiwi kids aged 5 – 15 years old to get active, and have fun, as they work towards achieving a physical activity goal and earning their Champions medal and TRYathlon t-shirt.

Are Weet-Bix in Australia?

First Australia, now the world
Still 100 per cent Australian-owned and made, today Weet-Bix is sold in some 22 countries across the world.

How long is a triathlon?

This triathlon distance requires a 2.4 mile swim (3.9K), 112 mile bike (180.2K), and 26.2 mile run (42.2K). Depending on your fitness level, course conditions, and the weather on race day, you can expect to complete these three legs in about 10 to 17 hours.

Are Weet Bix in Australia?

What is the world record for eating Weetabix?

The unofficial Weet-Bix World Record has been smashed by more than 10 minutes, with the new champion heralding goat’s milk as his secret trick. Macquarie Radio’s resident vet Doctor Rob Zammit ate 44 Weetbix in just 29 minutes.

Can you eat Weet-Bix dry?

One thing is absolutely for sure: the dry little wheat cakes can’t be eaten by themselves unless for a dare. But the temperature and accompanying ingredients to Weetabix have been at the center of a fiery debate recently, and we felt it could no longer go unresolved.

Has Weet-Bix got smaller?

News that Sanitarium has reduced the size of value packs from 1.5 kilograms to 1.2 kilograms has sparked outrage online – especially since the Australian breakfast favourite hasn’t reduced the price.

When was Weet-Bix invented NZ?


A bowl of Weet-Bix
Produced by Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company
Country Australia
Introduced 1919
Markets Australia, New Zealand

Is a triathlon harder than a marathon?

When comparing all triathlon distances against a marathon, then clearly triathlon is more challenging considering that the Ironman distance also hosts a full marathon distance, however, when comparing Triathlons to Ultra Marathons, the scale shifts to Ultra Marathons.

What is a good triathlon time for a beginner?

A very good day on the course would have the beginner triathlete hitting all three of the splits above. Adding in around five minutes for both transitions, that would total about 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 25 minutes for a sprint or about 2 hours 35 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes for an Olympic-distance race.

Which athlete eats the most Weet-Bix?

Jeremy Butler from South Australia holds the current title, downing 40 back in 1999. He phoned the open line telling Ray Hadley his secret to success. “The secret is not too much milk…

What is one Weet-Bix called?

Conversation. what is the singular form of Weetabix? the singular and plural of Weetabix are the same; Weetabix. We hope this has helped you on your quest for knowledge…

What does Weetabix do to your body?

Weet-Bix is high in dietary fibre, low in sugar and provides important vitamins and minerals to give you a great start to your day. It is a good source of B vitamins including B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), and B9 (folate), contains magnesium and is high in iron.

How many Weetabix is too many?

We would recommend that an adult eats no more than four (4) Weetabix biscuits per day. Taking this amount will leave room for you to eat other foods and have some variety in your diet. For advice regarding children’s intake, please contact your health visitor or GP.

Did Weetabix used to be bigger?

Hi Emma, We’ve not changed the size of the Weetabix moulds since our automation was introduced in the 1960s. Occasionally some biscuits may be thinner if we have compressed them into the moulds a little more than others.

How many weetbix are in a 1.2 kg pack?

For decades, Weet-Bix has come in a number of sizes, including 1-kg (66 bix), 750-g (48 bix), and a smaller one. A 1.2-kg pack with 72 bix appeared around May 2015.

What year did Weetabix come out?

Britain’s Breakfast Icon
We’ve come a long way since the first box of Weetabix left our Burton Latimer mill way back in 1932. For the last eight decades we’ve been nourishing the nation with a family of brands that includes: Weetabix, Alpen, Weetabix On The Go drinks, Oatibix, Ready brek, Weetos, and Alpen Cereal Bars.

What is the difference between Weet-Bix and Weetabix?

You see, Weet-Bix is sold in Australia, but Weetabix is sold in England. These two products are owned by two different companies, which seem to have a bit of a rivalry. Weet-Bix is made by Sanitarium, which for years had its headquarters at Cooranbong in Lake Macquarie.

Can I listen to music during a triathlon?

No Tunes, No Selfies
Headphones, headsets and audio devices are not allowed at any time during any triathlon event. Most races allow you to carry your cell phone if you wish, but it must be stored out of sight in a bike bag or jersey pocket.

Can triathlon help you lose weight?

For weight loss or for overall fitness, triathlon is one of the healthiest exercise plans you will find. It works the entire body, but unlike sports like running, there is an automatic cross-training element built in.

Do you wear socks in a triathlon?

The majority of athletes would wear socks whilst running & cycling for both training & racing. But in triathlon there are benefits to going the no sock option.

Can you walk in a triathlon?

Walking is allowed during any any of the three triathlon disciplines and athletes take advantage of it to allow themselves to recover while gaining some ground. However, note that there are techniques to optimize the effectiveness of the walking breaks.