Where do TrackIR profiles go?

Where do TrackIR profiles go?

Track IR generally saves the profiles in the user’s AppData folder under roaming etc.

How do I load TrackIR profiles?

Move/copy the desired profile into “profiles” folder insider Naturalpoint Trackir5 folder. There is one named “profiles”. 2. Once you done that load your TrackIr program and look for a drop down box.

What is OpenTrack?

OpenTrack is a software tool for modelling the variability of real life public transport operation. By means of dynamic simulations, communities and operators can answer decisive questions and find the best and most innovative solution to suit a variety of contexts.

How do I install TrackIR software?

Visit www.trackir.com to download the latest version of the TrackIR software. Save the installer to your desktop. 1. Right click on the installer and select “Run as Administrator” then follow installation instructions.

How do I enable TrackIR iRacing?

You’ll need to restart the Track IR Software for this profile to show up. Once TrackIR is restarted simply navigate to Advanced Settings/Profiles and select “iRacing” (without the quotes) from the Profile Dropdown box. All movements have been tuned out with the exception of Yaw and a low level of Pitch. Enjoy.

Can you use TrackIR with VR?

After 5 months of VR with Oculus Quest 2, I finally made the decision to fly with TrackIR on my 49 ” screen. I can finally enjoy top image quality (everything is crisp) without the huge loss of FPS of VR (I can finally play full ULTRA with my 2080 Ti). Long simulation sessions are comfortable.

What games does TrackIR work with?


  • Aces High 2 – [Yaw, Pitch, Roll, X, Y, Z]
  • AeroFly 5 – [Yaw, Pitch, Roll, X, Y, Z]
  • Aerofly FS – [Yaw, Pitch, Roll, X, Y, Z]
  • Air Battles: Sky Defender – [Yaw, Pitch, Roll, X, Y, Z]
  • Air Missions: Hind – [Yaw, Pitch, Roll]
  • America’s Army – [Yaw, Pitch] v2.8.2 only in HMMWV vehicle.

How do I use AITrack with Opentrack?

Run Opentrack and make sure to select Input = UDP over network, then, click “Start”. Opentrack then will be for the data AITrack will send. Run AITrack.exe from AITrack and click “Start tracking”. Look around!

Does TrackIR work Windows 11?

The TrackIR software now requires Windows Vista or newer, and can no longer be used with Windows XP or below.