Where do I find the airport ID card in Fallout 4?

Where do I find the airport ID card in Fallout 4?

The card is obtainable from Initiate Clarke in the Boston Airport ruins during the mission Duty or Dishonor, either from looting his corpse, pickpocketing it, or having it given to the Sole Survivor upon speaking with him and ending the conversation peacefully. Another copy can be found on a desk near Initiate Clarke.

Where is the ID card Morgantown airport?

The stairs leading up are blocked by a door that requires a Morgantown Airport security keycard to access. This keycard can be found back in the basement down these stairs. The stairs down lead to holding cells and a Responder corpse sitting at a desk holding the keycard, next to closet note.

How do I get into the Boston airport ruins?

Head to the Prydwen and investigate Clarke’s locker and then Lucia’s. Confront Lucia with the evidence, and she’ll tell you to follow Clarke. Follow Clarke and he’ll head into the Boston Airport Ruins.

Where is the keycard in Fallout 4?

Locations. Wilson Atomatoys factory – In a random super mutant’s inventory. It can also be found on the desk in the room at the top of the stairs with a hole in the floor.

Where can I find a mass fusion ID card?

the executive suite
Executive key and ID card – In the executive suite, inside the desk. Only accessible during Mass Fusion or Spoils of War.

Where is the overseer cache in Morgantown airport?

After entering the area of “Morgantown Airport,” go into the interior of the “Morgantown Airport Terminal”. Find the marked room on the upper floor and locate the Overseer’s Cache near Maria Chavez’s body on the 2nd floor.

Where is the vendor in Morgantown airport?

Morgantown Airport vendor location Location: You’ll find this vendor bot in the lower level of the terminal building.

Is Boston airport ruins a settlement?

The Boston Airport, or Boston International Airport, is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.

Where is the vault 51 ID card?

Vault 51 security keycard – On a desk in the secured room next to the gym. Vault 51 executive keycard – On the bedside table in the overseer’s bedroom, as well as the balcony overlooking the band.

Where is the keycard for Vault 75?

Go left, down the stairs and left towards a diner. Go into it and upstairs and get the access card from the tool case.

How do you get to Boston airport workshop?

Behind the fast travel pov near the Prydwen, find the area to the left where the plane seats are spread out and the Workshop will be on the outside wall.

Should I inform the Brotherhood Mass Fusion?

Mass Fusion (/ Spoils of War) Upon entering the relay, one should get a warning that relaying to the Mass Fusion building will make them a permanent enemy to the Brotherhood of Steel. Continue and the player character will be teleported to the Mass Fusion executive suite.

What is overseers cache?

Fallout 76 Overseer’s Cache Locations Guide will help you find all of the Overseer’s Caches that are scattered about in West Virginia. As the name suggests, the Overseer’s Cache is basically a supply box left behind by the Overseer and contains useful items for the players and some of them contain quest items.

Where is the overseers cache in the Morgantown airport?

Where is vendor BOT Wallace?

the Berkeley Springs Station
Vendor bot Wallace is a Protectron operating at the Berkeley Springs Station in Appalachia.