What years did they make the YZ490?

What years did they make the YZ490?

The Yamaha YZ490 was introduced in 1982 (following in the footsteps of the YZ465). Sadly, the 490 was heavier than the 465, nowhere near as reliable, difficult to start, had grim suspension, vibrated and was impossible to jet. Amazingly, Yamaha stuck with this poor design until 1991.

What was the last year for the YZ490?

For 1990, the YZ490 walked into its final season with only a set of stripes on the seat and a set of red bars to differentiate it from its 1989 predecessor.

Are there two wheel drive motorcycles?

Two-wheel-drive motorcycles have never really caught on, but there have been some cool 2WD concepts and production bikes built in low numbers. The conventional rear-wheel-drive found on motorcycles is limited in its functionality, despite its popularity globally.

How fast does a Rokon go?

These are slow-speed off-road motorcycles designed for use in the most rugged terrain. Some are capable of 35mph or more, but typical top speed is about 20 mph. Current models are the Trail-Breaker, Ranger and Scout. When ascending very steep hills speed may be 0.5 mph.

How fast can a Rokon go?

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Is there 2×2 bike?

The concept of two-wheel drive motorcycles has been around since as early as post-WWII. Ural was the first one building it into a sidecar, and years later, in the ’60s, Rokon’s started to manufacture their 2×2 version, the Trail Breaker, which is still in production to this day.

How much does a new Rokon cost?


Engine: Kohler, single cylinder, four stroke, fan cooled
Grade Capability: 60 percent
Warranty: 12-Month Limited Warranty
Colors: Olive Drab, Forest Green, Black, Yellow, Red, Orange
Price: $7,350

Where are Rokon bikes made?

Rochester, NH
The bikes kept improving, and the company made a few more moves over the decades, finally settling in Rochester, NH where they are still made today.