What year was the first Wide Glide?

What year was the first Wide Glide?

Introduced in 1980 as the FXWG, the Wide Glide represented the epitome of Harley’s factory custom theme, introduced in 1971 with the Super Glide….Vital Stats.

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson
Model Dyna Wide Glide
Bike Class Cruiser
Years 1993 – 2008, 2010 – present

Why did Harley discontinue the Wide Glide?

The Wide Glide was discontinued because the FXR frame was not suitable for the wide forks. The 1984 Disc Glide as it was known was a very rare motorcycle.

Is Wide Glide comfortable?

The Wide Glide has been 100% reliable and trouble free on every ride. The riding position for me at least is way more comfortable the the Fat Boy. The Fat Boy felt cramped and it was a bit of a reach for the bars. The ride on the WG is not too bad either except over the worst bumps.

What does Dyna mean Harley Davidson?

1. The name has real meaning. Harley Davidson doesn’t just choose random names for their new models out of the air. There is always a value to the name and an important meaning. The word Dyna means power.

What replaced the Wide Glide?

In 1986, all FX-based bikes except the Wide Glide were supplanted by FXR-based bikes. The Wide Glide was discontinued the following year.

How fast does a 1984 Harley Davidson Sport Glide go?

Also, this was the age of the 55 mph federal speed limit, a secret blessing to the Harley factory as 55 mph in fifth was a comfy 2,500 rpm. Nobody seems to know how many Shovel-powered Sport Glides were sold, but in 1984 the Evo was used, again with fully enclosed rear chain.

What is a disk Glide Harley Davidson?

DG stands for Disk Glide – take a look at the rear wheel and you’ll see that this is the first Harley to have a solid rear wheel, though it’s got the traditional spoked wheel up front. Like the Model T, it was available in any color you wanted, as long as that color was metallic maroon – which supposedly looks amazing in the sun.

How many miles does a Harley Davidson Willie G special have?

This specific Harley Davidson FXDG Willie G Special has just under 15,000 miles. The dealership selling this “Special Edition Twin Belt Wide Glide” notes that it’s in good condition, with just a few minor cosmetic blemishes. Find this Harley Davidson FXDG Willie G Special for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $4,000 in El Paso, Texas.

What happened to the Harley FXRT Sport Glide?

The Sport Glide, while rather un-Harley, did sell reasonably well and was kept in the lineup for 10 years. However, when the demand for Harleys exploded in the early ’90s, and sales of the FXRT were lagging, it was dropped in favor of using the assembly line for more popular models.