What was Sylvie Guillem last performance?

What was Sylvie Guillem last performance?

Sylvie was the youngest dancer ever at the Paris Opera to accede to that highest honour and she also became the brightest star the ballet world has known. On 31 December 2015, she gives her final performance as a dancer in Tokyo with Béjart’s Boléro.

What happened Sylvie Guillem?

French-born Sylvie Guillem retired from the stage in 2015 after an extraordinary international career lasting three decades. She started her career at Paris Opera Ballet where, when she was just 19, Rudolf Nureyev named her an étoile. She was the youngest dancer in the company’s history to reach the top rank.

Why did Sylvie Guillem retire?

Guillem (pronounced GHEE-lem) who speaks in fast, fluent English, said the fact that she was still dancing at a high level was the reason to stop. “I don’t want to push my luck,” she said. “You never know how long it will last.

Why is Sylvie Guillem so famous?

Sylvie Guillem, (born February 23, 1965, Paris, France), French ballet dancer who in 1984 became the youngest person in the history of the Paris Opéra Ballet at that time to hold the rank of étoile (“star”), traditionally the highest rank of dancer within a ballet company.

How old is Sylvie Guillem?

57 years (February 25, 1965)Sylvie Guillem / Age

Where is Sylvie Guillem?

World-famous dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet, SYLVIE GUILLEM, lives in a stunning villa designed by architects Junko Kirimoto and Massimo Alvisi. VILLA GUILLEM was once a group of two neglected farmhouses, which were brought back to life by ALVISI KIRIMOTO ARCHITECTURE STUDIO.

Who is the most famous French ballet dancer?

Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem CBE
Carla Dukai danced with Sylvie Guillem and Russell Maliphant in 2010 in Bolshoi Theatre in Russia. Carla Dukai danced Gamzatti and Sylvie danced Nikia.
Born Sylvie Guillem 23 February 1965 Paris, France
Occupation Ballet dancer
Years active 1984–2015

Where is Sylvie Guillem from?

Paris, FranceSylvie Guillem / Place of birth

When was Sylvie Guillem born?

February 25, 1965 (age 57 years)Sylvie Guillem / Date of birth