What story is my child Lebensborn based on?

What story is my child Lebensborn based on?

The true story in the game Our game tells the story of a Norwegian child (Karin or Klaus) . As the player, you can be there for the child in 1951 and try to help the child through a row of events. All these events are based on true stories reported by Norwegian children born by German soldiers.

What were the German child soldiers called?

Toward the end of the war, old men and young teenage boys were recruited to Hitler’s ‘Volkssturm’ (‘People’s Storm’) troops, a last-ditch home defence force created to avert military defeat.

What happens in My Child Lebensborn?

《My Child: Lebensborn》is a story driven nurture game based on true events. Play as the adoptive parent of Karin or Klaus, and experience the struggles they go through along them. The player’s decision not only affects how the child will feel but also develops a personality and a world view through choices.

What happens to German child soldiers after the war?

The children were slaughtered in their thousands. Sadly, the majority of them went to their doom believing fanatically in their cause, indoctrinated as they had been since birth in the ideology of the Nazi state. Guenter Lucks, now 85, told the author; “We knew from childhood onwards only the Nazi ideology.

How old was the average German soldier in ww2?

They were between about their mid twenties and 40-ish at the outbreak of war. They were called up and gradually trained during the war. (I suspect that the W-SS didn’t have a high proportion of this age group.) Finally, from mid-1944 the German Army was calling up men over 40 in considerable numbers for combat service.

Does My Child Lebensborn end?

We realized a small misunderstanding going on about the ending of our game that we want to clarify. There are no multiple endings to MCL.

How old was the youngest German soldier?

Alfred Zech, also known as Alfred Czech (12 October 1932 – 13 June 2011), was a German child soldier who received the Iron Cross, 2nd Class at the age of 12 years….

Alfred Zech
Died 13 June 2011 (aged 78) Hückelhoven, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Other names Alfred Czech
Known for child soldier

Is My Child Lebensborn inappropriate?

The story is long, and it could take hours to get through it completely. There’s potential for some touching or disturbing moments in the narrative; parents should be available for discussion if needed. Kids can play in English, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Does My Child Lebensborn donate?

“My Child Lebensborn” has so far sold over 1 million copies and has won the prestigious BAFTA award for “Games Beyond Entertainment.” Teknopilot AS and Sarepta AS are donating part of the proceeds from the game to found The Children Born of War Project so that the engagement of millions of players worldwide can be …