What should I watch if I loved offspring?

What should I watch if I loved offspring?

6 Shows Like Offspring – TV Series Perfect To Binge

  • 8.2. Great. Workin Moms.
  • 7.8. Good. Casual.
  • 8.3. Great. Arrested Development.
  • Amazing. Sisters. An absolute gem of a tv series, Sisters is now streaming on Netflix.
  • 8.7. Great. Jane The Virgin.
  • 7.9. Good. Chesapeake Shores.

Is Kath and Kim a reality TV show?

Kath & Kim is an Australian sitcom created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley, who portray the title characters of Kath Day-Knight, a cheery, middle-aged suburban mother, and Kim, her self-indulgent daughter.

Where can I watch Kath and Kim episodes?

Watch Kath and Kim | Netflix.

Is Secret City worth watching?

Secret City is an Australian political drama based on lies, crimes, coverups, and conspiracies that will be perfect for fans of shows like Bodyguard. With plenty of twists and turns, it is completely engaging and well worth a watch! If you love political intrigue and plenty of drama, check out Secret City.

Is there a new series of Kath and Kim?

Iconic Australian TV sitcom Kath & Kim is getting a reboot, two decades after it first hit the screens. According to Woman’s Day, the show, which ran from 2002 to 2007, will return next year on a streaming platform.

How much did Kath and Kim’s house sell for?

It’s Noice, Different, Unusual… And It’s Being Demolished! The Kath & Kim house is set to be torn down, with tradies cracking on with important demolition projects of theirs from today. It was last sold in November 2016 for $1.48m.

What is the most watched TV series in Australia?

Top-rated programs

Year Program Rating
2021 2021 AFL Grand Final* 3.91 million
2020 2020 AFL Grand Final 3.01 million
2019 2019 State of Origin series Game I 3.23 million
2018 2018 AFL Grand Final Presentations 2.62 million

What is the most watched news show in Australia?

Channel 9 Channel 9 dominates news and current affairs, boasting the nation’s most popular breakfast TV show Today. Channel 9 is also watched for all NRL live steaming. Channel 9 is also home to two of Australia’s most iconic investigative news programs, 60 Minutes and A Current Affair.

Is Pine Gap worth watching?

If you’re looking for a relatively low-stakes political thriller where you worry more about personal relationships than who’s got how many bullets, this is a good show for you.

Is there a 3rd season of Secret City?

A sequel to the series called Secret City: Under the Eagle was green-lit in February 2018. It aired on 4 March 2019 in Australia and launched worldwide on Netflix on 6 March 2019. It is unknown if there will be a season 3….Secret City (TV series)

Secret City
Original release 5 June 2016 – 4 March 2019

What’s the most watched TV series of 2021?

Most-Watched Broadcast Series, 2021-22 Season

  • “ NCIS” (CBS): 10.974 million viewers.
  • “ FBI” (CBS): 10.354 million viewers.
  • “ Chicago Fire” (NBC): 9.917 million viewers.
  • “ Blue Bloods” (CBS): 9.608 million viewers.
  • “ The Equalizer” (CBS): 9.301 million viewers.